Glamour Spotlight: Tanks #17

I didn’t have any intentions of doing back-to-back tank posts, but I got Lynahra to 52 (finally >.>) Monday night, which meant she had access to one of my favorite body pieces, the Holy Rainbow Shirt.  It hadn’t really occurred to me before she got that far, but it actually fits her almost perfectly, so I decided I needed to use it. Since she doesn’t have access to a lot of the nicer higher level gauntlets yet, my options were somewhat limited, but I’m still happy enough with the result to post it.


Glamour Spotlight
Head: (none) | Body: Holy Rainbow Shirt of Fending (Currant Purple) | Hand: Brand-new GlovesLegs: Expeditioner’s Pantalettes (Jet Black) | Feet: Expeditioner’s Thighboots (Jet Black)

I’ve always imagined Lynahra as generally avoiding heavy armor, much as I do with Alahra (though her greater height makes her look better in a lot of what’s available). Character-wise, she’s cocky in a way that her sister isn’t, and Dark Knight (Warrior, too, really) work a lot better conceptually to me than Paladin does in lighter stuff, so I don’t have the same sort of reservations about what’s more or less a “leather armor” look for her.

I didn’t realize it until I hit 52, but the Mythril Cuirass was sort of bugging me because it was a bit too…”put-together” for her character. The Holy Rainbow Shirt is a much better fit for Lyn. Thankfully, even though one of the only really good option for an elbow-length hand piece she has access to is the Brand-new Gloves, purples are one of my preferred colors for her. As usual, Currant Purple doesn’t exactly line up with the purple on the gloves (Gloom is a closer match), but for some reason the darker color works better anyway.

The two Expeditioner’s pieces will probably be pretty standard for Lyn for a very long time (though at some point I’ll probably pick up Y’shtola’s boots for her just to have another decent option). I’ve been looking around at other options, and I think I may also need to pick up the Guardian Corps Skirt at some point as well, but I’m not ready to drop the cash on that just yet (especially since I have a third alt I’m hoping to jump potion once we get access to those).

There’s at least a slight chance this week ends up as tank week, since I might spend a little time over the next couple days trying to get something more permanent going for Alahra’s tank glamour, too. I’m also in the prep stages for something else that I’m relying on Midas drops to get, which is proving to be pretty troublesome since queues for that are so abysmal these days. I wanted to do that today but I’ve had no luck on lots for the three times I’ve actually managed to get a queue (one of which was after almost three hours waiting yesterday…the things I do for glamours.)

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