Glamour Spotlight: Casters #15

I was pretty happy with my first attempt at a starting glamour for Red Mage, though it was a little darker than I wanted, since it relied on Wine Red for the primary color. Over the weekend, though, I discovered something kind of neat: all of the Gold Saucer versions of the Garo PvP armor are level 1—while that usually isn’t going to be a big deal, since I’m sticking to level 50 and under gear for Red Mage and Samurai for now, it opens up a whole set for each of them. Of course, these versions of the armor are undyeable,  so that further limits their usability, but at least one of the pieces gave me enough to work with that I made some changes my Red Mage look.

Glamour Components
Head: High House ClocheBody: Scion Adventurer’s Jacket (Dalamud Red) | Hands: Claws of the Beast (Jet Black) | Legs: Common Makai Priestess’s SkirtFeet: Scion Healer’s Highboots

I’m a lot happier now that I don’t have to key off the dark red in the Darklight Breeches of Casting, since Red Mages have usually had very vibrant reds in their iconic gear. Switching to the shorts (I have no idea why they’re called a skirt, honestly) also meant going back to thighboots, and with the Jacket in red, Y’shtola’s Highboots were of course the natural choice.

I mentioned last time that I had trouble finding a hat, and while I did try the Cloche, something about the color scheme felt off. I suppose it was the darker red, since the feathers on the Cloche are a bit brighter, and I don’t mind it with the Jacket in Dalamud Red. Traditional Red Mage hats are normally more angular than the Cloche, of course, but I think it works pretty well here even so.  For the hands spot, I thought about also using the Common Makai Priestess’s Fingerless Gloves, but overall I still think the Jacket looks best without gloves. For Alahra, that means going with the staple claws, since I’ve been using them for so long that she looks weird without them.

think this will about do it for level 50 Red Mage glamours before Stormblood. I do plan to rework my current caster glamour to be more fitting for Red Mage as well (and I may do that this week, after I pick up a piece that I need for it). The Samurai glamour is probably going to take longer to finalize. While the one I’m running now is okay, I’m not sold on it, and I really need to find a body piece that sings to me.

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