Amazon Free DLC Giveaway (Eastern Journey Items)

FFXIV and Amazon are at it again with another promotion. I talked a bit about the last one, which had a really broad batch of items. I got the most mileage out of the mount—I’ve never once used the maid outfit since unlike everyone else on earth, I think it looks terrible on miqo’te, but that’s neither here nor there. The new promotion works mostly the same way—any video games purchase over $19.99 gets you a code, which can be redeemed at for three Mog Station codes. One code gets you the Eastern Journey Battle Staff and 50 Aetheryte Tickets; another gets you the Eastern Journey Attire, which includes a Circlet, Jacket, Armlets, Bottoms, and Shoes; and the last code gets you the Flying Cumlus Seed, for the mount.


Overall, I’m really happy with this set. It’s really rare that I think baggy clothing like this looks good on female miqo’te, but everything about this set just works. The mount is also just really cool, and I would love to get the riding stance from it as an idle stance. In case you’re wondering about the set in closer detail, I collected a bunch of shots this morning to show off the bits and pieces. Here’s the full set from a few different angles (with closeups for the Circlet, Armlets, and Shoes):

The Jacket somewhat obscures some of the other details, especially for the hands and feet, which have some nice details about them, too. So here are a few more close-ups to show off bits you can’t see with the Jacket equipped. I’m a big fan of the Armlets, actually, as they’re something we don’t see much of, and the shoes gives us a variation on some of the other eastern sandals we’ve seen. The pants are probably the first pair of loose ones I’ve ever liked on miqo’te frames, as well; they actually seem to fit their body shape in a way most others don’t.

And then on top of everything, the set dyes very well. The art team seems to be getting more adept at setting dyeing patterns so that they work well in a variety of colors. While I’m not especially fond of the this stuff in Pure White (for all the normal reasons), it looks great in a lot of other colors. Here’s the full set in Dalamud Red (except for the circlet, which I left gold, so it matched the gold bits on the rest):


About the only part that doesn’t dye completely well is the ankle section of the pants, which have that normal two-tone problem. Overall, though, I feel like the team’s done a great job with the set, and while I’m not positive I’ll use it for glamour, this gives me a lot of hope for gear design in Stormblood. Oh, and here’s one more shot, to show off the staff. As you might expect, it extends when drawn:


I’m going to be playing around with a Striking glamour using some of the set, I think, since I think the Jacket at least has some potential for a good Samurai look. Hopefully I can settle on something, because I’m still not satisfied with my previous attempts at Samurai glamours.

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