Glamour Spotlight: Casters #18

It’s Red Mage time again! I’m having real trouble finding that look that speaks to me for level 50. That’s probably apparent, given that this is my 4th post on the subject already (and even with only a bit over two weeks to go until Early Access, something tells me I’ll end up making a 5th). While I originally wanted to go with something red (naturally), the more I’ve worked on this, I really want to try to fit my first Red Mage glamour into Alahra’s traditional white color scheme before Stormblood (and I’d like to do the same for Samurai, which I’m going to take a crack at sometime this week I think).

Of course, that’s making things complicated. I’ve already limited myself to gear of 50 or lower, and that’s proven to be so much more difficult than I would have imagined. Doubling down on Pure White adds another layer of trouble, since that dye is such a pain in the neck at times. Throw in the fact that just about all caster gear we’ve gotten up until now just seems really out of place for Red Mage (especially now that we’ve gotten a better look at some of their animations), and I’ve given myself one tough puzzle to solve.

Glamour Components
Head: Elegant Rimless Glasses (Loam Brown) | Body: Expeditioner’s Tabard (Pure White) | Hands: Acolyte’s HalfglovesLegs: Guardian Corps SkirtFeet: Expeditioner’s Thighboots (Loam Brown)

I’ve had the thought in my head to use the Expeditioner’s Tabard for either Red Mage or Samurai for a bit now. I’ve not used it very often (I think it’s only shown up in one glamour on the site), but it’s a great body piece for a sort of general adventuring look. I thought it could work well for either one of the new Stormblood jobs, but when I started playing around with it yesterday, I actually thought I would use it for Samurai. I couldn’t find a pair of Striking gloves I liked with it, though, so I switched gears to casting stuff.

Gloves were still a little tricky for a Red Mage glamour, too, though. I’m not a huge fan of the ballooned sleeves on the Tabard, so in an ideal setting I’d be using something elbow-length with it. Casters only have one or two low level options though, and neither of them are a particularly good fit. The Acolyte’s Halfgloves were probably the best compromise—since they’re wide in the cuff, it takes some of the emphasis away from the puff in the sleeves.

Pre-Heavensward, I probably would have used the Acolyte’s Thighboots alongside the Halfgloves, but as usual, I thought the Expeditioner’s Thighboots fit the overall profile better. I considered the Acolyte’s Skirt for the leg piece as well, but it didn’t seem to blend together well with the Tabard since its a bit dark compared to the other brown elements. The Guardian Corps Skirt felt like a better fit (and it seems to be showing up a lot on the site lately).

I thought about going back to the High House Cloche for the hat (in brown, of course), but in the end it felt a bit too high society for what is otherwise a fairly utilitarian adventuring look. Of course, glasses aren’t necessarily better, but I wanted something for the head piece, and they were the most neutral fit. I’m still on the lookout for something that’s a bit more fitting here, though. Maybe one of the corsages would work just for something different, but I’m not sold on the idea.

I don’t normally do a lot of brown in Alahra’s more recent glamours (since I normally prefer black for leather bits on her), but I think for Red Mage this is probably the best I’ll be able to put together for a pre-Heavensward glamour in Pure White. Unless I stumble across something new, I think this may be the one that I start Red Mage with in 4.0.

4 thoughts on “Glamour Spotlight: Casters #18

  1. Alahra and her famous thigh boots.. 😍 Can’t wait for Stormblood! This may seem outta the ordinary, but do you have any glamours that use crop tops for girls in game? Like, showing parts of the stomach. I can’t seem to find anything to fit the bill and work with other pieces of armour. Hope you’re doing well, Alahra!! 😙


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