Glamour Spotlight: Striking DPS #13

While I was working on getting Ninja to 70, Samurai was never far behind, and for awhile the two had pretty similar glamours. The Samurai version of that look lost its charm for me, though, and I started playing around with other options, hoping to find something more lasting, since I knew I wasn’t going to make use of the Samurai Artifact Armor. My first thought was to try out something with the Yanxian Striking gear, but once I had actually collected the set, I found I didn’t like the color scheme.

I still wanted to play around with new gear, though, so I set about searching. Since I had a bunch of Wolf Marks piled up after that day of PvP following my last Machinist glamour, I thought I should try to do something with some of the new PvP gear. I’m not overly fond of the new sets on the whole, but I wanted to experiment, and so I did. I ended up with something I liked a lot more than I thought I would at the start.

Glamour Components
Head: (none) | Body: Tengu Togi (Jet Black) | Hands: Replica Allagan Gauntlets of Striking (Jet Black) | Legs: Makai Manhandler’s QuartertightsFeet: Gyuki Leather Highboots of Striking

The Tengu Togi is…weird. On the one hand I actually really like its shape. Samurai’s animations seem fit best with longer body pieces (which is part of why I soured on my last Samurai glamour—it was too short). On the other hand, it doesn’t dye especially well (Jet Black is the only color I find it agreeable in), and the puffballs on the chestpiece feel a bit out of place. Overall, I like the piece though (and I think it looks better for Samurai than Ninja, who also has a version of it).

With the Togi in black, the natural process was to find other black and gold pieces to work with. I’m not entirely fond of the Allagan Gauntlets here, but they were the best option I could find, and they’re growing on me. The piece that really sold me on the look was the Gyuki Highboots, which were a pair of boots I hadn’t imagined I would use anytime soon. They fit in with the Togi quite well while in a way that other options didn’t, and I’m quite happy with them.

I don’t like the Togi enough that this will be a longterm glamour, but I’d imagine it’ll stick around for a little while. I’m not especially fond of how Samurai plays at level 70, so for now, glamours for it will probably be somewhat rare, especially as I now begin the process of leveling other jobs to 70. I’m working on Paladin a bit (which really needs a new glamour), and I think I might start Red Mage this week, too (which also desperately needs something new). With Omega coming on Tuesday, there might also be some cool new stuff for everybody, of course, so it’s an exciting time for me glamour wise!

2 thoughts on “Glamour Spotlight: Striking DPS #13

  1. I really like this outfit, I wear it with Shaded spectacles (Soot black). Luckily for me it fits really well because I wanted to use them for a quite some time and never found the right outfit for them.


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