Glamour Spotlight: Red Mage #1

I’ve been focusing on Red Mage for most of this week, since I’ve picked up enough Verity to cap my Ninja out at i309. The whole while, I’ve been trying to figure out a glamour for the journey to 60. I had several things I was considering prior to Stormblood‘s launch, but none of them really satisfied me. Not knowing what else to do, I had a little fun at the start of the week, but even if I kind of like that glamour, I couldn’t wear it for the long term. After a comment on the last one over on Twitter that it wasn’t red and doing my next Red Mage quest in this other white glamour gave me a nagging need to figure out a “proper” Red Mage glamour.

After playing the class for awhile with the Scion Adventurer’s Jacket, I’d come to really like it as a centerpiece, despite misgivings I had awhile back about it being a good piece for minor bouts of melee combat. I knew I wanted to keep it, especially since I’m not actively playing healers for now, which formerly had claim to the Jacket glamour-wise. With the Jacket in red, the rest of the look came together fairly easily, and I’m actually sort of kicking myself because I could have been using almost all of the pieces from the very start!


Glamour Components (Required Level: RDM 50)
Head: Forager’s Hat (Dalamud Red) | Body: Scion Adventurer’s Jacket (Dalamud Red) Hands: Red GlovesLegs: Miqo’te LoinclothFeet: Scion Healer’s Highboots

Everything here was available back when I started my Red Mage glamour project except for the Red Gloves, which are given as part of the starter gear set for new level 50 Red Mages. They’re not especially central to the look, though, and I easily could have put this together prior to Stormblood if I hadn’t psyched myself out of using the Scion Adventurer’s Jacket after awhile.

Putting this together ended up being a bit of a process. I started out with the Valentione Skirt instead of the Miqo’te one. I like the black on red combination it has (which goes well with the Jacket), but the shape of the pattern for the black started to stick out to me in a way that got distracting after awhile of playing with it. The gloves, of course, were originally the Claws of the Beast—they worked well enough that I was comfortable continuing my leveling until I found something better. As usual also, I was using the Elegant Rimless Glasses, but I really wanted to find a hat that worked, which ended up being a far more difficult task than I imagined.

I didn’t like the shape of the Red Hat, which was my first thought to try once I switched to the matching Gloves, and as it turned out, I’d actually gotten rid of my Forager’s Hat in my pre-expansion inventory purge, even though it’s still a current piece for my Gathering glamour! Luckily, those items are a lot easier to acquire now than they used to be, so I took a couple of hours to get the necessary materials for a new one once I realized I needed it again.

Overall, this look should last me until 60 at least (and it might actually last beyond it, depending on how some of the other ideas I have with 60 gear shake out). I’d also imagine I’ll keep the Scion Adventurer’s Jacket handy once I reach 70, too, since the Red Mage Artifact Armor has unfortunate tail clipping issues. I’m progressing at a far more relaxed pace, now, though, so I’m not sure when exactly I’ll get there!

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