Glamour Spotlight: Crafters #5

Crafting glamours usually flummox me a bit since all of the classes tend to share gear, and it can be hard to go for anything that’s really thematically appropriate for all of them at once. Sometimes we get looks that are fairly broad in their applicability, as with the Ironworks Crafting gear from Heavensward, but for the most part, crafting gear tends to fit some Disciples of the Hand but not others (can you imagine a Blacksmith working in a Patrician’s Coatee, for example?). Crafting gear is also often hardly fashionable (I know, what should I expect?), which often makes the glamours a lot less fun to work with than glamours for other classes and jobs.

I’ve been sitting on a crafting glamour that I put together somewhat hastily after getting Leatherworker to 70 (which was my first). I’d gotten a bit tired of my last one during the leveling process, as I just didn’t like the way it looked for cutscenes. I had originally planned to stick with the level 70 Twinsilk Suspenders, but they really didn’t strike me as Alahra’s style, so I had to figure out something else instead.

Glamour Components (Required Level DoH 70)
Head: Reading Glasses (Jet Black)
Body: Survival Shirt (Pure White)
Hands: Gazelleskin Gloves of Crafting
Legs: Falconer’s Bottoms (Jet Black)
Feet: Field Commander’s Boots

I’ve always liked the Survival Shirt for a sort of general “work” look, but I’ve not normally been happy with it whenever I’ve tried to use it before. The pouches and tools on the back are a great fit for crafters in general, but there’s something about the cut of the shirt itself that bugs me a little. After I glamoured it as an experiment and did some of my class quests, though, I started to get a bit attached to it, and though it’s been a couple weeks now since I did so, I haven’t yet found anything I want to use more.

I wanted to go for more drastic changes, and rework the entire outfit, but I couldn’t find a good alternative to the Falconer’s Bottoms or the Field Commander’s Boots (not for lack of trying, though), so both of those ended up sticking around. The Gazelleskin Gloves have a pretty nice model (and I love the rings on them), and they’re pretty fitting for light work gloves (which work well for Alahra’s specializations). For one other minor change, I swapped to the Reading Glasses since they seem a little more fitting for detail work than the Elegant Rimless ones that are otherwise my staple.

I’ve been crafting a lot recently, trying to stay on top of the current 2-star market to make back the initial investment of all the materia melding I did to prepare. While I don’t think this glamour is perfect, it’s also functional enough that I’m not getting distracted by my outfit while churning out Palladium Ingots, so it seems to pass muster, at least for now.

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