Glamour Spotlight: Red Mage #2

I hit 70 on Red Mage toward the end of last week, as I expected I would, and for the time being it looks like it’s going to take over for Ninja as my main DPS class, since I have way more fun on it than I do on either Ninja or Samurai. With that in mind and also because I’ve loved Red Mages as far back as the original Final Fantasy, I wanted to do at least one glamour using some elements of Red Mage’s first Artifact Armor set. I had already put together my last glamour with some thought as to what I might do, so where I ended up is something of an evolution of that look, but with a bit more of that Red Mage flair to really cement things.

Glamour Components (Required Level: RDM 70)
Head: Antiquated Duelist’s Chapeau
Body: Serge Gambison of Casting (Dalamud Red)
Hands: Warwolf Gloves of Casting (Dalamud Red)
Legs: Makai Priestess’s Skirt
Feet: Antiquated Duelist’s Thighboots

For the body piece, I hadn’t had the Serge Gambison long enough to really be done with it, and since the Antiquated Duelist’s Tabard has awful tail clipping issues, I didn’t see any reason to look for something different just yet. There are a couple of newer caster tops I still plan to play with at some point, and I may do that before our next major gear patch (which I imagine will be 4.1), but the Gambison simply looks too good to pass up. Since I stuck with the Gambison, I also kept the Warwolf Gloves

The two pieces I knew I had to use were the Chapeau and Thighboots—the former because it’s such a crucial component of the classic Red Mage look and the latter because…well, they’re thighboots. What do you want from me? I have my preferences! But, actually, counter to my normal preferences, I actually also heavily considered using the Antiquated Duelist’s Breeches. I like the black-on-red thing they’ve got going on, and I think if the red weren’t slightly brighter than the darker red at the bottom of the Gambison, I’d probably have gone with those over the Makai shorts.

I think my favorite part of the look though is the Chapeau—when I did the first glamour with the Gambison, I felt it really needed a nice hat (and since the corresponding one has a blue feather, it wasn’t going to work!), and the Duelist’s one is just about perfect. My only quibble with it at this point is that we can’t dye it, but that will probably be coming eventually, and once that’s available, I imagine the Duelist’s Chapeau will end up a Red Mage staple for me much like the Augmented Choral Chapeau is now.

As an added bonus to finishing up Red Mage, I finally got a rapier that I like enough to put the Mogfoil away. I didn’t think I would really like Murgleis; it’s a bit too ornate for my liking, but the red and black color scheme (and the subtle glow) is enough for me to use it for now at least. Now all that remains is to figure out my gearing plan and get some actual gear for Red Mage so I can use it instead of Ninja without feeling a drop in performance!

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