Glamour Spotlight: Warrior #2

As it turns out, the path to level 60 on dungeons alone, with no Main Scenario Quests and no Armory bonus is brutal, at least for me. Since Lynahra was already past level 50, I didn’t see much sense in purchasing a job boost for her Warrior—after all, how hard could it be to grind her up through the Heavensward dungeons, on a tank no less? I vastly underestimated just how much of a difference regular MSQ experience and the Armory bonus makes. On top of progress being much slower than I would have liked, I started to feel really frustrated with tanking on Warrior, especially compared to Paladin, which I got done leveling for Alahra not long ago.

Around level 58, I was out of steam, but I needed to push through. I’ve had a glamour idea for Lynahra at level 60 Warrior ever since I switched from Dark Knight, and I didn’t give up on Warrior without achieving that goal at the least. Late last week, I prepped all of the things she would need for that and pushed through the last two levels with a combination of Palace of the Dead and Great Gubal Library, all so I could put together this glamour.

Glamour Components (Required Level: WAR 60)
Head: (none)
Body: Sky Rat Harness of Fending
Hands: Sky Rat Hook of Fending (Dalamud Red)
Legs: Sky Rat Breeches of Fending (Jet Black)
Feet: Antiquated Ravager’s Warboots

I’ve had my eye on the Sky Rat Harness for a long time—it was never a good fit for Alahra, but I always liked the style, which is something we don’t get much of, especially for tank gear. It seemed perfect for Lynahra, though, especially after re-imagining her as more Warrior than Dark Knight, and I’m pleased to say that it works just as well as I  had hoped on the road to 60. Finding pieces to go along with the Harness proved tricky, though.

As a starting point, I knew I wanted to go with the Sky Rat Breeches, which led me to look for pieces outside of the rest of the set for the hands and feet especially. Initially, I imagined using the Replica High Allagan Gauntlets (which have some innate red) and the Replica Heavy Allagan Flanchard would provide for a standard but solid look. I couldn’t dye the Flanchard in a way that matched the default bronze on the Gauntlets, though, which proved troublesome. Both pieces in Jet Black also worked, but that got rid of the red on the Gauntlets, which I wanted to keep since the harness itself is both red and black.

Eventually, I decided to break the unwritten rule of using more than two pieces from a single set and also went for the Sky Rat Hook. Dyed red, it keeps a bit of black, which makes it match better with the body piece than the default scheme does (which doesn’t have any red). Even with those in place though, I needed boots, since the Heavy Allagan Flanchard didn’t look right without something else Allagan to go along with it. I considered going with the Heavy Allagan Cuisses to get around that, but that would have meant giving up the Sky Rat Breeches, which wasn’t ideal.

Since I was stuck, I kept the Flanchard for long enough to do my level 60 Warrior quest, and I was surprised (and happy) to find that in the post-Stormblood landscape, the quest grants the Antiquated version of the Warrior Artifact set from Heavensward. The set as a whole is definitely not my style (for any character), but one piece stood out to me in the Ravager’s Warboots. I knew I wanted something fairly heavy and sort of “stompy” for the boots, but finding a good pair proved to be really tough. The Warboots were more or less exactly what I wanted, even without going the extra mile to upgrade them to the dyeable versions.

Thanks to the updated quest rewards, that let me complete the glamour in a really satisfying way—it came out more or less exactly as I had imagined it back when I first got the idea for her in the early stages of levels 50-60. For now, her Warrior is going to be retired—it’s something I might come back to, but I’m going to experiment with Samurai for her, which ended up feeling more suitable in terms of animations than I expected it to. I don’t have a glamour finalized for that yet, but I’m working on one, so hopefully I’ll have another Lynahra glamour to show off soon!

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