Glamour Spotlight: Maiming DPS #4

One of the first things I did in early Stormblood was to start using Poetics from Roulettes and Palace of the Dead to finish gearing out all of my side jobs in full i270 gear. I didn’t have a lot left to get, so it wasn’t long before my Dragoon was kitted out in the full Augmented Shire gear, replacing the last Heavensward glamour I had done for it. Since I don’t play Dragoon hardly ever (and it’ll almost certainly be the last job I get to 70 on Alahra), it hasn’t been until now that I sat down to figure out a new glamour for it.

I’ve always been a pretty big fan of the Maiming Shire gear—the body piece is the sort of light cuirass that I generally prefer for tank gear on Alahra (and it’s a shame that the tank version of the set is heavier, or I’d probably have used it, too). Of course, using the full set would have been a terrible faux pas, so I set out to find a few pieces to go along with the set. Dragoon glamours are usually kind of tricky since there’s frankly not a lot of gear for them I actually like, but this one actually came together pretty quickly, and I think I’m a lot happier with it than my last attempt.

Glamour Components (Required Level: DRG 60)
Head: Elegant Rimless Glasses (Storm Blue)
Body: Augmented Shire Pathfinder’s Armor (Storm Blue)
Hand: Augmented Shire Pathfinder’s Gauntlets (Storm Blue)
Legs: Guardian Corps Skirt
Feet: Augmented Ironworks Sollerets of Maiming (Jet Black)

Probably owing to Lynahra’s recent Samurai glamour, the first useful thing that came to mind was Ironworks blue. I’ve always preferred to do Dragoon glamours in some shade of blue (which is kind of weird since I never play it and have no particularly attachment to the class as part of the Final Fantasy series as a whole). I’d used the Ironworks Sollerets before, but one thing with using Dragoon Artifact Armor is that I never manage to stick with it for long. Since Alahra is decidedly not a Dragoon, parading around in the class’s iconic gear never feels right.

With the Shire Pathfinder stuff being dyeable, I had a chance to revisit the idea, though. As usual when going for an Ironworks glamour, I had to fiddle around with the blues to find a good shade. This time, it ended up being Storm Blue for the Pathfinder’s gear. Void Blue was too dark for Alahra, while Rhotano and Othard Blue ended up being a bit too bright. Storm Blue was a good shade in the middle of all of them.

The rest of the pieces probably don’t need any explanation, since both the Glasses and the Skirt have been staples for a long time. The Skirt in particular was more or less mandated, since Dragoon doesn’t have any good options of its own for skirts or shorts. Even with its main section being nondyeable, it’s one of those general utilitarian pieces that I’ll probably never completely stop using.

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