Glamour Spotlight: Dark Knight #1

With Bard out of the way and my interest in healing at a bit of a lull right now (which has delayed further progress on Scholar, which is 65), I’ve been pondering what to play next during idle time. Since I’ve been hearing a lot about how good the Stormblood story for Dark Knight is, I’ve tentatively decided to make it my next level 70. Given that I’m primarily doing this one for story purposes, I definitely didn’t want to use the tank glamour that I finished out Heavensward with, as it was going to feel really odd in Dark Knight story scenes.

Dark Knight-specific glamours have always been a little tough for me on Alahra, since I definitely envision her as more of a knight in shining armor than a brooding anti-hero. So, when I sat down to figure out something new, I assumed I’d make something more general (since, at least to a certain degree, glamours that work for Warrior are nice, too, since the two jobs are using the same level 60 gear right now). I ended up going in an unexpected direction, though.

Glamour Components (Required Level: DRK 50)
Head: Elegant Rimless Glasses (Dalamud Red)
Body: Lynxliege Cuirass (Metallic Silver)
Hands: Lynxliege Gauntlets (Metallic Silver)
Legs: Storm Elite’s Skirt
Feet: Scion Healer’s Highboots

What feels like ages ago now, I put together a pair of glamours for Dark Knight and Paladin using some of their old PvP armor sets. At the time, I dismissed the Lynxliege variant of the Dark Knight armor in favor of the Lynxfang set, since I didn’t want the longer half-skirt on the former version. That was an important decision to make at the time: we could not yet test various dyes while trying on items, so if I had wanted to play around with the Lynxliege Cuirass, I’d have needed to farm up Wolf Marks for it and then try it (potentially not liking it after the fact).

I have always preferred larger “tank coat” styles for Dark Knight, but other options (like the High Allagan Coat) weren’t really giving me what I wanted this time around. On a whim I thought to check the dyeing pattern on the Lynxliege body, since we can do that now, and I was actually really surprised: the prominent red highlights on the armor stay in place, creating a really nice contrast with the body in Metallic Silver. That allowed me to work out a glamour I’d wanted to do for the Lionliege body but couldn’t make work.

I’ve always thought the Storm Elite Skirt worked well with the model, but the Lionliege Cuirass didn’t have enough red to justify its use. Of course, with the black and red thing going on, the Scion Healer’s Boots were an easy choice (I mean, they pretty much always are). From there, since I was level 60 and couldn’t yet use the Ghost Barque Circlet of Fending, I went with glasses (which still has a weird sort of appeal to me for Alahra’s tank glamours). The overall result is more or less exactly what I wanted, and I’m kind of surprised it took me so long to go this route.

I’m working on Dark Knight fairly slowly at this point, and since I’ve already gone through the tank leveling process once, I can look ahead and be fairly sure I probably won’t change my glamour much this time around (but I am in the market for a new Paladin look, if I can find something that catches my fancy). I do want to do something with the Yanxian Fending at some point, though, so perhaps I’ll get one more new tank glamour out of the leveling process yet.

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