Mog Station Review: Blackbosom Attire & Reaper’s Collection

After I picked up the Fuga Attire the moment it was available only to find that it has horrible issues with tail clipping, I tossed around the idea of doing reviews of Mog Station exclusive glamour items. The idea’s been lingering in the back of my head for a few months now, waiting for the next major item to come along, which finally happened over the weekend (curiously, without an announcement on the Lodestone that I’ve seen, so I almost missed them). (Update: They added an announcement to the Lodestone a couple days late!) This, the first ever Mog Station review on Fashion Ninjutsu, will cover the new Blackbosom Attire and the Blackbosom Reaper weapons (which are spread out over a few different items on the Mog Station).

Blackbosom Attire

The Blackbosom Attire is priced at $12 and includes four items: the Blackbosom Hat, the Blackbosom Dress, the Blackbosom Dress Gloves, and the Blackbosom Boots. As has been the case with most NPC outfits added to the Mog Station, all of the Blackbosom pieces are non-dyeable. They’re all level 1 as you might expect, and they don’t have any special stats. The Blackbosom Attire is gender-locked: it can only be worn by female characters. You can check out the slideshow to see all of the items from a few different angles.

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The eyepatch on the Blackbosom Hat does go over your character’s hair, so if you have bangs over the right eye (as Alahra does in these screenshots), you may get some clipping depending on just how the hair falls. It’s also worth noting that since the skirt of the Blackbosom Dress is broad enough that your character’s hands and weapons may clip through it depending on your class and race. Of particular interest to Miqo’te and Au Ra players: the skirt is also wide enough that tails are mostly obscured. Depending on tail length, the end of a character’s tail might be visible from behind, but notably, it does not clip through the gear model since the skirt goes over the character’s tail.

With the set being non-dyeable, I’m not sure how much personal use I’ll get out of them for glamour (though for the most part it’s not really Alahra’s style in the first place). However, I wanted the set mainly for the boots, and even if they’re non-dyeable, they’re already black, so I’m hoping to use them for Casters or Healers sometime soon.

Blackbosom Reaper’s Collection

The Blackbosom Reaper’s Collection, which you can pick up for $7, includes five weapons, all patterned after Edda Blackbosom’s scythe: the  Blackbosom Blood Reaper (for Black Mage/Thaumaturge), the Blackbosom Heart Reaper (for Conjurer/White Mage), the Blackbosom Fate Reaper (for Dragoon/Lancer), the Blackbosom Grim Reaper (for Marauder/Warrior), and the Blackbosom Soul Reaper (for Dark Knight). Each of the Blackbosom Reaper weapons can also be purchased individually for $3—if you’re interested in at least two of them, it’s only $1 more to pick up all five (inventory concerns notwithstanding!). Each of the weapons is the same exact model as best as I can tell, so if all you want is the ability to use the weapon in a “town” outfit for roleplaying or idle time, you can get by with just purchasing one.

Like most weapons, all of these are non-dyeable. All of the weapons use the standard animations for their respective classes. As with the Blackbosom Attire pieces, these weapons are level 1, and they don’t have any special stats. The slideshow below has a number screenshots of the weapons in various class poses and also one action for each applicable class, to give some idea of how they work in action.

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I don’t particularly play any of the classes that got weapons this time (though I am leveling Dark Knight here and there), but I have to say I’m impressed with how well the scythes work for the various classes in terms of animations. There are a couple animations that look off on most of them, of course, but the only one that seems to be a bit weird is the Blackbosom Fate Reaper for Dragoon, since so much of their animations are thrusts, rather than slashes. Among the others, I think the Blackbosom Soul Reaper works incredibly well for Dark Knight—nearly all of its wide slashing animations seem tailor made for it (except for one or two forward thrusts).

I probably won’t get much glamour use out of these, since I have a preference for glowy weapons, but they’re cool enough that I might want to use them from time to time (most especially for Dark Knight and Black Mage), and I’m considering picking up one or two of the weapons for alts as well, who might get more mileage out of them for glamours.

All in all, I’m pretty happy with my purchases here—unlike the Fuga Attire, the Blackbosom Attire seems to be better modeled and has far less in the way of clipping issues, and the addition of scythes is something I always thought the game was missing (most especially for Dark Knight, which used scythes in FFXI).

I purchased both the Blackbosom Attire and the Blackbosom Reaper’s Attire for purposes of this review. If you’d like to see more reviews of Mog Station items, consider supporting Fashion Ninjutsu on Patreon, which will, among other things (like getting rid of advertisements), help me purchase items from the cash shop for further reviews.

4 thoughts on “Mog Station Review: Blackbosom Attire & Reaper’s Collection

  1. I bought the soul Reaper weapons today hoping I could use them at least to glamour the weapon on my BLM and it didnt even give me the option.. Can I not glam with this??


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