Glamour Spotlight: Casters #25

Ever since getting Red Mage to 70, I’ve had a difficult time really finalizing a glamour for it. I’ve gotten bored with each of the two main ones I’ve put together, which has left my mind wandering and pondering other combinations pretty often. I think, after some thought on the matter, that my main problem was actually the Serge Gambison. While I love the piece generally (and I’m using it for Bard, too), something about its profile in combination with Red Mage’s animations seems to be bothering me almost subconsciously.

I think figuring out a solid Red Mage glamour is likely to be a process at this point, with a number of caster or Red Mage-specific looks probably coming in the future as I experiment with different options and figure out what really works for me. For now, I’ve got this one, which more or less runs on the strength of some favorite pieces so that I can play Red Mage in dungeons sometimes without fussing about my glamour.

Glamour Components (Required Level: BLM/RDM/SMN 66)
Head: Elegant Rimless Glasses (Ul Brown)
Body: Uraeus Coat (Dalamud Red)
Hands: Marid Leather Gloves of Casting (Dalamud Red)
Legs: Evenstar Tights
Feet: Scion Healer’s Highboots

This one came about mostly because I kept seeing other Red Mages out and about wearing the Uraeus Coat, and I really liked how it combined with the Antiquated Duelist’s Chapeau. My intention, upon digging the Coat out again, was to go for another Red Mage-specific glamour, using both the hat and the Antiquated Duelist’s Thighboots. I knew I wanted to use the Evenstar Tights, too, as my staple Light Steel Subligar hadn’t been working for me with the various models of the Coat for some time.

As you can see, only part of my plans came to fruition, with the whole thing getting off track almost from the start. The Red Mage Thighboots just didn’t blend well with the Evenstar Tights, and those felt more important to me than sticking specifically to Red Mage gear. Of course, the decision to drop them was made easier by the Scion Healer’s Highboots (how many Alahra glamours in a row with them is that now?), which I already knew worked well with the Tights and had the same color scheme.

With the Thighboots gone, I didn’t see much reason to stick with the Chapeau, so I borrowed the glasses from this much older look for Scholar (which is a look I miss rather often, to be honest). From there, it was mostly a matter of gloves, which can often be a bit tricky for Casters. Thankfully, Stormblood provided a pair that match up almost perfectly with the Uraeus Coat. The gold on the Marid Leather Gloves matches up well with the stuff on the body piece (it’s not an exact match, but you aren’t going to notice it at a glance). They do have some pesky blue on the underside, but it’s the sort of thing that only stands out if you go looking for it.

As is often the case with glamours that use the Coat, this one’s a stopgap measure, though. I like it (I mean, the Coat always looks good), but I’m finding that I generally prefer shorter tops for Red Mage, mostly because of the over the top flip in Contre Sixte’s animation (which is probably my favorite thing about the class). I’ve got a couple of ideas to try out, but knowing my luck, I won’t arrive at a glamour I’m truly happy with until right before 4.1 drops in early October, leaving me to start all over again with new gear!

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