Glamour Spotlight: Scholar #3

Somewhat randomly, I ended up spending a day leveling Scholar this week. My S.O. was working on her Black Mage, which happened to be the same level as my Scholar, so as we usually do, we started doing dungeons together. We were both 65, which meant diving into Bardam’s Mettle for my first experience healing it. I’d heard stories about how much more difficult it was to heal than the two previous dungeons in Stormblood, and I quickly learned that those stories were very accurate! I’m not a career healer anymore, but I’m still pretty comfortable on Scholar, and a few awful runs left me feeling pretty discouraged about leveling it.

I wanted to keep going though, so to keep my spirits up, I decided to glamour and go back to an old favorite for my weapon, the Omnilex Nexus (which I didn’t use for the screenshots because of its blinding glow). It also had been ages since I used the Argute Culottes, a staple for me going back as far as 2.0, so I thought, since I was already on a feel good nostalgia kick, that’d I’d go the whole way and go for a Scholar-specific look.


Glamour Components (Required Level: SCH 50)
Head: Elegant Rimless Glasses (Dark Blue)
Body: Scion Adventurer’s Jacket (Dark Blue)
Hands: Claws of the Beast (Jet Black)
Legs: Argute Culottes
Feet: Warwolf Boots of Healing (Dark Blue)

The combo of the Culottes and the Warwolf Boots is one that I’ve been using for almost as long as we’ve had glamour. Once I discovered the boots, sometime during the Second Coil raid tier, the combo became glamour staple throughout the rest of A Realm Reborn for me, and it showed up in some of my earliest Heavensward glamours for Scholar, too. Strangely, I’ve never actually shown any of those glamours here on the site, despite there having been many that I could have pulled for a Looking Back post. That changes now, though!

One of the main reasons I moved away from the Argute Culottes (and the Augmented Scholar’s Culottes) is because of the way the back of the skirt goes sort of loses its texture when combined with most body pieces (which you can see in the screenshots—the front is pleated but the back is smooth, which just looks weird). The Savant’s Culottes from Heavensward thankfully don’t have that issue, but they have stockings as opposed to the wool socks, which don’t look anywhere near as good with the Warwolf Boots.

It’s also always been really difficult to find tops I really like with the Culottes, and I’ve actually been meaning to give them a whirl with the Scion Adventurer’s Jacket for quite some time. I’ve always thought the grey tie on the top would work well with the grey in the socks on the Argute version of the Culottes but never gotten around to trying it out. I’m happy to report that it works as well as I thought it would, with the only thing I’d like would be some element of that orange-red color that’s present on both the updated Omnilex skin and the socks. That’s a pretty minor quibble, though.

I didn’t use this glamour for long, as I got to 67 and got a new idea, which I’ll show sometime soon, after I’ve gotten at least one more glamour in between so I don’t do two healer posts in a row. I may come back to the general look here again once I hit 70 and have access to the new Orator’s Bottoms, which are another take on the classic Scholar leg gear (which has been with them going back to FFXI, too).

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