Glamour Spotlight: Machinist #4

Machinist has always been one of those classes I’ve wanted to like but never fully clicked with, and while, so far, the Stormblood changes haven’t changed that for me, I’m still very curious about it. To satisfy that curiosity, I’ve been occasionally leveling it in FATEs and the like, and a little while back I finally got it over the level 60 barrier to start doing Stormblood dungeons (though I haven’t actually done any yet). I did that despite wearing a mismatched glamour that came about to my mixing and matching Shire gear and Shisui gear while I leveled Bard, and eventually, I had to do something about it.

At first, I went back to the look with the Gaganaskin Jacket that I used briefly while experimenting with Machinist in the Feast. After running around with it, though, it started to bug me just how monotone the look was, which is a fairly common complaint whenever I go a little too crazy with the Jet Black. I still really liked the overall profile, though, and so I dug out the Wrangler’s Jacket (since the Gaganaskin one doesn’t dye well enough to really use in any other colors). I’ve used that version of the Jacket before too, of course, so I decided to play around and improve on that look.

Glamour Components (Required Level: MCH 60)
Head: Machinist’s Goggles
Body: Wrangler’s Jacket
Hands: Sky Rat Fingerless Gloves of Aiming (Dark Brown)
Legs: Expeditioner’s Pantalettes (Dark Brown)
Feet: Expeditioner’s Thighboots (Dark Brown)

With Bard at 70, I had nothing holding me back from the Machinist’s Goggles this time, so I stuck with them. Like the Augmented Choral Chapeau for Bard, the Machinist’s Goggles are such a perfect piece of head-gear (and different from Alahra’s normal choices) that I’ll use them almost automatically at every reasonable opportunity. I saw no good reason to change the boots from the last time I used the Jacket, but the pieces for the legs and hands took a bit more effort.

At first, I thought to go with the Makai Markswoman’s Quartertights, like I’d done with the dyeable version of the Jacket, but they didn’t look right dyed any shade of brown to match here, so I had to go hunting. The Guardian Corps Skirt worked well enough last time, but overall I thought shorts seemed more appropriate after using the Quartertights with the other look. The only similar, dyeable options were the Gryphonskin and Expeditioner’s Pantalettes, the former of which didn’t dye in a friendly way, leaving the latter as my best choice. Since I was already using the corresponding Thighboots, that worked out just fine.

For gloves, I knew I wanted something shorter than the Oschon’s Gauntlets, since I’d gotten used to the Griffin Leather Gloves I used with the Gaganaskin Jacket. Those in particular didn’t work here, though, since the gold tips didn’t have anything to match up with on the Wrangler’s Jacket. Thankfully, after using them plenty of times on other jobs, I knew the Sky Rat gloves would probably work well, and they did!

I’m a lot happier with this version of the look, and I think it’ll probably last awhile for me as I slowly work Machinist up toward 70. I’m a long ways off from that though, since I’m also bouncing back and forth between Black Mage, Monk, Scholar, and Dark Knight. Glamours for one or all of those are likely in the pipeline (with a healer one coming up next, I think), but I’m also still looking for inspiration for Samurai and Red Mage at the level cap, so I may surprise myself in the coming days. We’ll see!

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