Glamour Spotlight: Casters #26

With Scholar being my most recent leveling project (at least, the one that got significant dungeon time) that also meant I was getting a free ride on Summoner. I’ve never played the class much at all (and been plainly mediocre at it whenever I’ve tried), but I always try to keep its gear updated just in case I want to do something out of the ordinary. It wasn’t until 68 that I actually remembered to pull better gear off of my retainer for it, all of which was still glamoured from my time leveling Red Mage earlier in the expansion.

That meant I was running around in the Star Velvet Bottoms again, and the need to glamour something new for casters was almost immediate. I wasn’t sure I was going to do anything permanent, but I thought I should at least figure out something less red for Summoner, since I was keeping up with the new class quests and didn’t want to look like a Red Mage in the cutscenes. Outside of the Star Velvet Bottoms, I had nothing in mind, so I started flipping through the pages of my retainers. My mind pretty quickly fixated on the Ghost Barque Coatee of Casting, which is something I’ve been meaning to use for awhile.

Glamour Components (Required Level: BLM/RDM/SMN 61)
Head: Scion Rogue Bandana
Body: Ghost Barque Coatee of Casting (Pure White)
Hands: Makai Priestess’s Fingerless Gloves
Legs: Star Velvet Bottoms of Casting (Jet Black)
Feet: High House Halfboots

The Coatee has struck me as a pretty interesting piece for a couple months, as it dyes in a pretty unique fashion. The original Wind Silk Coatee loses more or less all of its central colors when dyed (with the actual jacket becoming the chosen color and the tabard going a darker shade of the same), but this new version does something wholly unexpected. The main part of the Ghost Barque Coatee doesn’t change at all, staying black regardless of dye. I’d considered using it for Red Mage several times (in Dalamud Red, of course), but I’d never managed to finalize a look in the right colors. I really liked how the Pure White worked alongside Alahra’s hair, though, and decided to get to work.

There were two other pieces of note for this one (since the Bottoms and the Halfboots are more or less standard together for me). I would have honestly expected to find a use for the Fingerless Gloves a long time ago, since I’ve been using the Makai Skirt and Quartertights for so long, but this is the first top I’ve found with which I liked them. They’re a good sort of functional fit and more appropriate for the top than something like the Claws of the Beast that I might have otherwise used.

The Scion Rogue Bandana more or less came out of left field. I’ve had it sitting in my Armory Chest since the day I got it, and while I’ve always liked the way it’s angled, I’ve avoided using it because it’s a strange fit for Alahra herself. I really needed something outside of her normal glasses, though, and combined with the rest of the look, something about the Bandana really clicked for me. I liked it enough that I even re-glamoured all of my level 70 caster gear for Red Mage.

With a new caster glamour out of the way, I’m now mainly looking for something for tanks, but I’ve also got the itch to do something for both Ninja and Samurai (though something tells me both of them are going to have to wait until 4.1, as I feel very stuck on them). I do have one for Paladin I may put up soon, but I’m not completely sold on it yet, so we’ll see!

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