Glamour Spotlight: Scholar #4

More or less for as long as glamour has existed in FFXIV, I’ve been looking to perfect a by now familiar style for Scholar. So far, we’ve gotten a variation on the central piece for the legs with every iteration of Scholar’s Artifact Armor, and since I finally got the latest version from Stormblood, I’ve been meaning to try out something with the Antiquated Orator’s Bottoms for a little while. As of right now, they’re non-dyeable, which does limit what I can do with them somewhat, but thankfully they’re already a color that works pretty well for Alahra.

Glamour Components (Required Level: SCH 70)
Head: Elegant Rimless Glasses (Dalamud Red)
Body: Scion Adventurer’s Jacket (Dalamud Red)
Hands: Claws of the Beast (Jet Black)
Legs: Antiquated Orator’s Bottoms
Feet: High House Halfboots

Of course, several of the usual suspects are here: I’ve yet to find anything that works better with any of the Scholar Artifact skirts than the Scion Adventurer’s Jacket; the glasses were a foregone conclusion for a Scholar glamour; and it’s always really hard for me to avoid the Claws, especially with the Jacket. I did look for something other than the Jacket, though, as the Orator’s Bottoms are a shade of red that we (irritatingly) can’t match with the available suite of red dyes. I never found anything I liked better, though, and Dalamud Red is close enough that the difference is not especially noticeable.

The Orator’s Bottoms themselves opened up something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time, which is use the Halfboots with one of the Scholar skirts. I’ve never liked the way they looked with the Scholar’s Culottes, and the Savant’s Culottes had dyeing issues with the accompanying stockings. With the new ones from the AF3, though, we get nice black stockings, which are a much better fit for Alahra and also for the boots themselves. The real test for the Bottoms will be how they dye, though. If they have too many color channels, the stockings will probably be ruined by most colors (much like the Savant’s Culottes), so I’m hoping they only have a single channel for the skirt itself.

There really isn’t a whole lot else to say about this one, but it was intended as a functional glamour more than anything else, so I suppose that’s not too surprising. We’re probably only a couple of weeks away from Patch 4.1 (finally), which will hopefully bring a ton of new stuff to work with, as many of my glamours feel a bit stuck. Hopefully the upcoming Live Letter gives us lots of exciting new stuff to talk about (and plenty of gear previews, too)!

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