Mog Station Review: Far Eastern Noble’s Attire

As I mentioned when I highlighted bits and pieces of the Patch 4.1 Preliminary Patch Notes, along with the patch came a new Mog Station glamour outfit: the Far Eastern Noble’s Attire. I got up early to try (and fail, unfortunately) to get a house in Shirogane, and once it was clear the houses were sold out (they were gone in about 10-15 minutes on Balmung, which was a shorter amount of time than my login queue!), I remembered the new outfit and picked it up, which means I can review it!

The Far Eastern Noble’s Attire is only available for purchase as a set (running $18 USD), which includes five items: a Mortarboard, a Robe, Armlets, a Petticoat, and Sandals. None of the items are gender-locked, and as far as I can tell, the set doesn’t have any unique morphing based on gender either. Each piece is dyeable, and like the other Eastern sets from the Mog Station, you get various stat boosts and an experience point boost for wearing the full set. The bonuses are active for any job under level 30 (though like the other sets, the Defense values on these items are minor, so they won’t be much use for tanking dungeons, as a precaution).

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There aren’t any noticeable tail clipping issues with any piece of the set (there is minor clipping while running with the robe, though). As you can see from the images of the Mortarboard, that does have some hair clipping issues with the topknot on Alahra’s Minfillia hairstyle—similar styles (like M’naago’s) will likely have similar issues there. In general, I’m very impressed with the set, as it falls in a fairly natural way, even with the wide stance of female miqo’tes, which can’t be said for the Far Eastern Lady’s and Matriarch’s Attire.

The sets are also dyeable, as I mentioned above, so I’ve collected a batch of previews of each item in the set in four colors (Dalamud Red, Royal Blue, Pure White, and Jet Black) to give you some idea of how everything dyes.

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The one black mark against the set probably comes in the dyeing pattern for the Noble’s Robe. As you can see from the images, the main body of the robe is set to a secondary channel for the chosen color, which makes it dye in a lighter shade (which normally ends up being a pastel). The part of the robe that actually dyes the selected color is the trim, which is unfortunate. However, the rest of the pieces dye pretty well, most especially the Armlets and the Petticoat.

All in all, in comparison to other Mog Station items, this set is a pretty good value: you get a full five item set (many $18 sets only give you three), and the entire thing is dyeable. Even if the dye on the main piece is a bit questionable, the lighter pastel shades will likely work for a lot of folks (and the sets base color scheme is pretty good, too!). Next to the other Far Eastern sets, the Noble’s set also stands out for having bonuses that extend all the way to level 30 (though whether or not those bonuses are good enough to really last that long might be up to debate).

I’ve already put together one glamour using elements from the set, and after I’ve taken some time to tweak it, I’ll probably show that off soon! Personally, I’ll get the most use out of the Robe and the Armlets, and I’m considering using the Petticoat as well in part because of how nicely it dyes. Alahra looks ridiculous in the Mortarboard (though I do like the jewelry on the front), and the Sandals aren’t particularly my style, but it’s rare that I see potential uses for so many Mog Station items out of a given set, so I’d have to say I’m pretty happy with the Noble’s Attire.

I purchased the Far Eastern Noble’s Attire for purposes of this review, thanks in part to the support of Fashion Ninjutsu’s Patrons. Your support on Patreon can, among other things (like getting rid of advertisements), help me purchase items from the cash shop for further reviews.

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