Glamour Spotlight: Crafters #6

I’ve so far had positively awful luck getting Skalla body pieces to play around with for glamour, despite farming it for the largest majority of my Creation capping last week. I’m going to do the same thing this week, hopefully, as I really like the look of several of the Skalla pieces. They dye very well, and the only one I’ve seen that I don’t think I would use for Alahra is the Casting body. The rest look to work very well for her. But I have to get them first!

In the meantime, I do finally have some new 4.1 gear to work with, thanks to the addition of new Crafting gear. When I saw the sets for crafters and gatherers in the Preliminary Patch Notes, I actually thought they were for new cosmetic sets, as I wasn’t expecting gear for the Disciples of Hand and Land until 4.2. If I’d have given it a little more thought, I wouldn’t have been surprised, though, as the Ala Mhigan Doublet of Crafting is worn by one of the NPCs in the new Goldsmith quests. I was jealous of the Doublet back when I did those quests, and once I realized we had access to it, I decided to make one of my own, more for glamour than anything else.

Glamour Components (Required Level: DoH 70)
Head: Elegant Rimless Glasses (Jet Black)
Body: Ala Mhigan Doublet of Crafting (Jet Black)
Hands: Ala Mhigan Gloves of Crafting (Jet Black)
Legs: Falconer’s Bottoms (Jet Black)
Feet: Field Commander’s Boots

As it happens, I really didn’t have to change much from my last crafting glamour—the Doublet fit in more or less perfectly. I’ve used the combination of the Field Commander’s Boots and Falconer’s Bottoms for awhile now, and I’ve yet to find anything better that really works for Alahra as a “work” outfit. The Doublet, though, seems really fitting for her (much more so than the other tops I’ve tried before we got it). To really complete the look, I also went ahead and made the corresponding Gloves, which are a nice pair of gloves.

The Doublet’s not perfect, of course. I’d much rather we had a version of it that was just the top, without the extra bits. The main draw to it is the vest and shirt combo, and I like the pairing enough that all the additional Ala Mhigan flavor doesn’t particularly bother me, but it doesn’t especially add anything to the look for Alahra either. That being said, I still overall love it, and I imagine this look will have a lot of staying power. With the crafter Artifact sets being locked behind Scrips and my loathing for Scrips in all forms, it’s not likely I’ll pick up any of those sets (not to mention it’s just plain more convenient to have one set of gear for all of my crafters!).

This marks my first glamour with 4.1 gear (well, there’s one more, with the Far Eastern Noble’s Attire, but it’s not ready for prime time yet). If the gods are good, I’ll have some Skalla pieces to work with soon for more, and we’ve also got the new All Saints’ Wake gear coming up. While that set’s a costume, I can at least imagine bits of it being useful for glamour in a more general sense, so I’m excited to play around with it once the event’s live!

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