Glamour Spotlight (All Saints’ Wake 2017): Tanks

I never got around to doing a seasonal glamour for tanks during last years All Saints’ Wake. I had a few things I thought about using, but I never managed to come up with something I was happy with. This year, I’ve given myself more flexibility, though (since, really, the hardest part about a tank glamour for the holiday was that all of the All Saints’ gear is cloth and leather stuff), which let me work something out!

Glamour Components (Required Level: DRK/PLD/WAR 60)
Head: Succubus Horns
Body: Augmented Hellfire Armor of Fending (Wine Red)
Hands: Augmented Hellfire Gauntlets of Fending (Wine Red)
Legs: Werewolf Tail (Jet Black)
Feet: Augmented Hellfire Sabatons of Fending (Wine Red)

I considered using the Succubus Horns a lot last year but never did. This year, I decided I was going for it, though, and my original thought was to go for a full on succubus look, with the Blood Sword (which meant tanks), and probably something involving the Light Steel Galerus and Subligar. The trick with that would have been finding good pieces for the hands and legs, and ultimately I decided it wasn’t going to be worth the frustration (since I’ve been down that road before). Plus, there’s that whole issue of my dignity to worry about…

So I went with the Hellfire Armor instead. I’ve always liked the set, which is one of the few tanks sets I really like, although I hate how wide it gets with the default miqo’te stance. With this glamour being temporary and for fun, though, the stance issue isn’t such a major one to worry about. The corset style of the armor in particular works well for an armored succubus costume, and then you throw in the heels on the Sabatons and it’s great! The spikes and overall style of the set has something of a demonic vibe to it as well, which is another plus.

The final piece of the puzzle was the Werewolf Tail. I considered a number of other things (like the Light Steel Subligar or the Bridesmaid’s Tights), but overall I preferred the look of a skirt with the armor over something smaller. The Storm Elite’s Skirt or the Valentione Skirt might have also worked, but I figured I should use at least one piece of All Saints’ Wake gear for this one.

I’ve got one more idea I want to try to work out, I think, before the event’s over, for healers, so I think that’ll be the next glamour that gets put up. I still need to get around to actually finishing the event this year, now that I think about it. I should do that over the weekend!

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