Mog Station Review: Far Eastern Beauty’s Attire

It hasn’t even been a month since the Mog Station was updated with the addition of the Far Eastern Noble’s Attire, with which I was pretty impressed, so I was quite surprised to see that yet more Far Eastern gear was added to the cash shop yesterday. Unlike the last Far Eastern addition, this one is comprised of two sets: the Far Eastern Gentleman’s Attire (for male characters) and the Far Eastern Beauty’s Attire (for female characters). This review will cover the latter set.

Like the rest of the Far Eastern sets, the Beauty’s Attire is purchased as a set (for $18 USD). This one includes four items: a Hairpin, Robe, Koshita (a mid-length skirt!), and pair of Boots. These items are gender-locked to female characters and dyeable. As has been the case with the other Far Eastern sets, wearing multiple pieces of the set provides various stat bonuses, with the full set providing a 30% experience point boost. All of these bonuses are active under level 30 (but as usual, their low Defense and Magic Defense may make using them for leveling a bit tricky, especially on tank jobs).

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As usual with robe pieces, there is occasional tail clipping in motion for miqo’te (and there is likely minor clipping for au ra as well, but they will probably have less trouble). While standing still, the only real clipping issues on the set seem to be with itself—the wide cuffs on the sleeves clip into the robe. The Robe doesn’t have anything fancy in the way of its collar, so there should be little to no issues with hair clipping there. Offhand, I don’t foresee any issues with the Hairpin either, though I could see some potential issues with “taller” hairstyles, depending on just how its aligned.

Like all the Far Eastern sets, the Beauty’s Attire is dyeable. On the whole, the set dyes in the familiar two-tone pattern. I’ve collected dyeing previews of the set in Dalamud Red, Royal Blue, Jet Black, and Pure White to give you some idea of how the secondary colors work for each piece.

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Most of the “two-tone” dyeing here works about as you would expect, with the accent colors on the Koshita and the Boots being relatively minor elements. The Hairpin dyes in a solid color, making it easy to fit in as an accessory for a variety of glamours. The Robe, however, dyes a lot like the Far Eastern Noble’s Robe did, with the largest portion of the body dyeing in a lighter pastel shade of the chosen color. That does limit its use somewhat, and I would have preferred for it to dye more like the Spring Dress, which keeps the white regardless of dye (with dye changing the ribbons and trim).

Dyeing quibbles aside, the Far Eastern Beauty’s Attire is pretty nice. More options for hair accessories are always welcome, as are boots with heels (even if they’re not thighboots), and the Koshita gives another much-needed option for knee-length skirts. To be honest, I think the Robe is probably my least favorite part of this set, largely because of its dyeing pattern, but also because of the way the cloth falls (which makes it look a bit awkward with the wide neutral stance female miqo’te have—an issue characters of other races likely won’t need to deal with).

All in all, I’d say the Beauty’s Attire is a worthwhile purchase if you like the style of the Robe in particular or if you really like the default color schemes on the set. Because of the dyeing patterns, I can’t see the other pieces being especially useful for general glamour usage (the Boots, for instance, don’t look quite right in Black because of the grey that shows up when dyed). I’m not as impressed with the Beauty’s Attire as I was with the Noble’s Attire, but I do at least see some potential for the Beauty’s Boots (which look best in their default color or in Pure White, in my opinion).

I purchased the Far Eastern Beauty’s Attire for purposes of this review, thanks in part to the support of Fashion Ninjutsu’s Patrons. Your support on Patreon can, among other things (like getting rid of advertisements), help me purchase items from the cash shop for further reviews.

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