Glamour Spotlight: Scouting DPS #24

As fond as I was of my All Saints’ Wake offering for Ninja, with the seasonal event over, it was time to get back to something fit for more general use. I’d had my eyes on the Augmented Lost Allagan Jacket of Scouting for a long time—which I picked up right before All Saints’ Wake started—as I’ve been a fan of the Allagan aesthetic for as long as I can remember. I also wanted to have a reason to use my Lost Allagan Jambiyas, rather than glamouring over them; in the absence of relic weapons until (hopefully) 4.2, I wanted to have the best weapon I can get for now on display.

As it turns out, though, the Lost Allagan Jacket looked a lot better in preview windows than it did in actual gameplay. Like many similar body pieces (such as the High Allagan Cuirass of Striking), it flares out in a strangely wide way on miqo’te females (and possibly on others—I haven’t seen it around much). That derailed my initial plan, but I had a backup. My next Creation piece for Ninja was to be the Lost Allagan Sabatons, and how could I resist an opportunity to try out new thighboots?

Glamour Components (Required Level: NIN 70)
Head: Reading Glasses (Ul Brown)
Body: Augmented Shire Emissary’s Jacket (Ink Blue)
Hands: Ala Mhigan Fingerless Gloves of Scouting (Ink Blue)
Legs: Scion Healer’s Halftights

Feet: Augmented Lost Allagan Sabatons of Scouting

This one actually went through a lot of iteration before I got to the final product. Since I was already using Allagan gear, I began with staples: the Allagan Cuirass and Gauntlets of Striking. Following the last glamour, I still had the Scion Rogue Bandana on, which lead me to going Jet Black for everything else. Something about all of that in combination wasn’t sitting right with me, though. The Bandana seemed out of place for the heavier armored look of the Cuirass and the Gauntlets, and even the Cuirass itself just didn’t feel right anymore (even if it was the centerpiece for one of my favorite Heavensward Ninja glamours).

The Sabatons have a pretty nice dark blue default color, so once I decided against Black, I thought I’d work around their natural state instead. I dyed everything else Ink Blue, which was the best near match to the shade of the boots, but it definitely wasn’t color that was bothering me when it came to the Allagan pieces, so I had more work to do. That’s when I moved to the Shire Emissary’s Jacket, which has plenty of gold buckles and the like to work alongside the gold on the boots. That meant the Allagan Gauntlets needed to go, too, and that’s where I had to really dig for answers.

I didn’t want to go with the Shire Emissary’s Gloves, since they wouldn’t look right in blue and didn’t have anything to match up with the gold on the boots, and for whatever reason, it seemed right to go with gloves of a shorter length, anyway. The trouble was that there aren’t very many gloves with the right mix of blue and gold. I would have loved to use the Augmented Ironworks Vambraces of Scouting, since they have Magitek lighting like the boots do, but they dye terribly. The best pair I could find were the Alexandrian Gloves of Scouting, but with no experience in Savage Alexander, I wasn’t exactly chomping at the bit to go farm them, even at level 70.

The gloves I ended up using were a surprise. I’d considered the Ala Mhigan Fingerless Gloves in the past for the Shire Emissary’s Jacket, but the fur lining always seemed a bit off to me, so I’d never committed to them. I tried them out anyway, though, and found that when dyed Ink Blue, the fur isn’t emphasized very much, and the gold on them works very well with the rest of the look. Once those were in place, I went back to glasses for another staple, though I chose the Reading ones instead of the Elegant Rimless Glasses for a change of pace.

Looking ahead, I’ll need to figure out new glamours for the rest of my All Saints’ Wake jobs this year, and I’d also like to update my Samurai glamour if I can ever get the Skallic Jacket of Striking. I’m approaching level 70 on Dark Knight as well, which normally means at least one glamour for that once I cap it, and depending on how much time I put into my alt (she’s officially in Stormblood territory now!), I may play around with some ideas I have for her as well.

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