Patrons Only Spotlight #5: Bard

The main piece of the Far Eastern Beauty’s Attire that stood out to me was the Far Eastern Beauty’s Boots. We don’t have a lot of boots with good heels on them, and the ones we do have I’m frequently not fond of. Since picking up the set, I’ve been subconsciously obsessed with using them in Pure White, something I don’t often do with boots. Pure White is always a tricky color to use, since so many things dye poorly with it, so I knew things were gonna be tough.

But I was determined! The boots heavily suggested Bard to me, which worked well, since Bard was one of the two choices from October’s Patreon glamour poll. I went through a few different ideas for this one. Initially, I wanted to use the Augmented Choral Tights. In Pure White, they do this weird thing that no other piece in the game does (that I’m aware of anyway)—rather than grey, the secondary color is a sort of cobalt blue, which creates some interesting possibilities. I thought to naturally pair it with the Augmented Choral Shirt (and of course, the Chapeau), but the right pair of gloves eluded me.

I couldn’t find another top I liked with the Choral Tights, so I moved instead to the Aoidos’ Tights instead, which I’ve always been fond of. From there I considered a range of tops, with the Ruby Cotton Gambison really grabbing my attention. That one very nearly made the cut, but it left the orange on the waist of the Tights too visible, which really stood out in a bad way. I considered the Leonhart Jacket as well, but I didn’t like the off-white for the shirt under the jacket next to the rest of the white in the other pieces. I know there were more things I tried, but I’m having trouble remembering everything else!


Glamour Components (Required Level: BRD 60)
Weapon: Raijodo Kai (Pure White)
Head: Elegant Rimless Glasses (Dalamud Red)
Body: Gaganaskin Jacket of Aiming (Pure White)
Hands: Leonhart Gloves (Pure White)
Legs: Aoidos’ Tights (Pure White)
Feet: Far Eastern Beauty’s Boots (Pure White)

Ultimately, I settled on the Gaganaskin Jacket, which is, as always, quite stylish. The grey isn’t ideal on it, but with everything else in Pure White, it doesn’t seem as jarring to me. From there, the real trouble was choosing a pair of gloves. The Jacket is one of the few pieces out there where I don’t feel absolutely compelled to use long gloves, and I thought with the shorter boots that I shouldn’t, anyway. As it turns out, though, it’s pretty difficult to find leather gloves that dye well in Pure White!

Most forearm-length gloves that Bard has access to have accent colors that don’t go away, and I really needed something with nothing but white to match the Beauty’s Boots. I considered the Gaganaskin Gloves to go with the Jacket, but they were too bulky for my tastes (which was the case for a lot of the other options, really). The Marid Leather ones, otherwise a pretty useful pair, had some unfortunate black left over when dyed. After about an hour of searching, I nearly gave up, but then I thought to try a simpler pair, since when it comes down to it, the Jacket’s sleeves don’t bother me nearly as much as the sleeves on other body pieces tend to.

The exact pick for that wasn’t especially crucial, since most gloves in the same style tend to dye in very similar ways. I went with the Leonheart ones mostly because they were level 1, and I liked their texture ever so slightly more than the similar Strife Gloves. Overall, I’m really happy with this one, which is cool, since I’m probably going to be running Bard in Rabanastre this week now that I’ve gotten all of the Ninja gear I want from there. It’s always fun to get out of my normal glamour patterns and do something different for once! It’s even better when it works out so well, too!

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