Glamour Spotlight: Striking DPS #22

With Dark Knight now at 70, it’s time to figure out what class I’m going to be leveling next. I’m not entirely decided yet, but the two main contenders seem to be Astrologian (which is 62—Earthly Star is really cool!) and Monk, which I just got to 65 (and out of the hell that is Shisui of the Violet Tides). I’ve been jumping back and forth between them a bit, and as usual, I’m working on glamours for both of them alongside that. I’m not completely settled for either job yet, but the Monk one I’ve got going right now uses a favorite piece of mine I’ve not used very often, so I thought I’d showcase it even if it may end up temporary.

When I hopped back on Monk for the first time in awhile, I knew right away that I wanted to change my last glamour for it. I’m mainly leveling Monk for glamour purposes, as I’m very fond of their new Artifact Armor, and that armor’s style had me wanting something a lot lighter than the Melee Cyclas, and well…something not quite so bright. For a little while, I had it in my head to update a much older look, but at the time I wasn’t able to come up with anything better than the pieces I’d already use (outside of swapping in the Scintillant Circlet of Striking). I may come back to that, but after failing to innovate there, I decided to go back to my old standby of black and red pieces.

Glamour Components (Required Level: MNK/SAM 60)
Weapon: (Replica) Nyepels Lux
Head: (none)
Body: Augmented Hellfire Mail of Striking (Dalamud Red)
Hands: (Common) Makai Manhandler’s Fingerless Gloves
Legs: (Common) Makai Manhandler’s Quartertights
Feet: Scion Healer’s Highboots

Up until now I’d actually only managed to use the Hellfire Striking body for a single glamour, which is a bit of a shame, as it’s one of the nicest light armor pieces Monk and Samurai have access to. It’s much nicer than the Fending model since it doesn’t extend much past the waist, which makes it look much better on miqo’te frames. Since the last time I’ve used it, we got the Garo PvP gear, providing new options for the hands and legs slots that pair with it very well.

Of course, with black and red in mind, the Scion Healer’s Highboots were pretty much a foregone conclusion. I considered using the Griffin Leather Bracers alongside them like I normally do, but overall I felt the Cuirass looks much better with simple handgrips or other small gloves, with the Makai gloves blending in with the body piece quite well (especially given that I was already using the Quartertights). I did wonder about the Hellfire Gauntlets, too, but it’s hard to pass up the sleeves on the Cuirass which, for once, don’t look ridiculous.

As usual, I defaulted to a pair of glasses for the head slot (the Reading Glasses, if you’re curious), but overall, I didn’t like how glasses looked alongside the body piece. Rather than wrack my brain for hours trying to find something else, I decided to skip the head piece this time. Something about that works with the Hellfire armor, though I’m not entirely sure why. Either way, the look’s pretty nice, though I do think I’ll end up changing it before I get too far along on Monk, as I still have that glamour itch!

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