Glamour Spotlight: Healers #25

I’m still not entirely decided on my next leveling project, but one thing I am sure about—whether I ultimately do Astrologian or Monk next—is that Astrologian is going to be the second healer I level. I’ve always had a fondness for its animations, and for a good while I intended for it to replace Scholar as my healing main during Heavensward. That never really happened (and I can’t imagine it’ll happen in Stormblood either), but after I hit 62 and got Earthly Star, which adds yet another amazing animation to Astrologian’s repertoire, I knew there was no way I’d be touching White Mage anytime soon.

Of course, since I’ve been playing it again, I’ve been working on glamours, too. I started out experimenting with the Augmented Shire Preceptor’s Coat, which is a piece I’ve been using off and on for some time, though I’ve never gotten around to finalizing a glamour with it. It looks great on Alahra, but I have yet to really commit to it—probably because full robes like it tend to be so much less interesting to glamour around. That same lack of commitment showed up this time, as I found myself browsing my retainers for inspiration while wearing an otherwise fully functional glamour that I’ve yet to post here!

This time, what caught my eye was the Yafaemi Jacket of Healing, a piece I’ve been meaning to come back to for awhile. I fell out of love with the bellbottoms I used with it the very first time, but I still very much love the Jacket, so I thought it was high time I gave it another go.

Glamour Components (Required Level: AST/SCH/WHM 60)
Weapon: Atlas (Wine Red)
Elegant Rimless Glasses (Wine Red)
Body: Yafaemi Jacket of Healing
Hands: Star Velvet Long Gloves of Healing (Wine Red)
Legs: Faire Kohakama (Wine Red)
Feet: Expeditioner’s Thighboots (Wine Red)

I’ve been wanting to pair the Jacket with a good pair of thighboots for quite some time, but I’d never managed to find a good pair of shorts or a skirt that worked with the body piece to complete the look. There are lots of options, of course, with healers having access to one of the widest varieties of shorts and skirts in the game. Up until recently, the best choice I had found were the Astral Silk Bottoms of Healing, but they were just ever slightly off due to the shade of the gold accents on them, which didn’t blend well with the gold on the Star Velvet Long Gloves.

We’ve gotten a few new options since I last experimented with the Yafaemi Jacket, though. The dyeable Ruby Cotton Smalls very nearly worked (and I think they might work better for other races, honestly), but they seemed a bit too short. The Makai Moon Guide’s Quartertights had a better length, but something about the texture seemed off. The piece that sealed the deal was the Faire Kohakama from this year’s Midsummer festival, which blends in really well with the red fabric on the Jacket.

From there, the rest was pretty straightforward: healers may lack options for good thighboots, but the Expeditioner’s ones tend to dye pretty nicely in darker shades, so they fit in just right here. I toyed with using either the Makai Moon Guide’s Fingerless Gloves or the Hailstorm Gloves in place of the Star Velvet ones, but neither of those really seemed to jive with the jacket, so I stuck with my first inclination. With the boots and the skirt, I didn’t want to go for a circlet or anything of that sort on the head piece, which meant the staple Elegant Rimless Glasses were an easy choice.

At the moment, I think I like this look much better than the recent one I put together for Monk, which probably means I’ll be focusing on Astrologian for my next 70 journey, but sometimes things don’t always go as I expect! This one’s nice enough that I imagine it will carry me all the way to 70 without any changes, though I do suppose the Serge Gambison could change my mind, since I haven’t managed to use it for healers yet and it’s such a nice piece.

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