Glamour Spotlight: Casters #28

I haven’t been playing Red Mage much lately, with Ninja, Samurai, and even Bard all taking precedence for DPS usage at the level cap. A lot of that has to do with gear. Both my Ninja and Samurai have Lost Allagan weapons (with Ninja also boasting several 340 pieces now), so it’s usually faster to use either of them in my Expert runs. I’m also after gear pieces (with the Skallic Jacket of Striking and Ivalician Fusilier’s Jacket being my two main goals), so I’ve been using Samurai and Bard to be able to roll Need on the things I want if they drop.

So, my poor Red Mage has been wearing a bright orange Vampire’s Vest for far too long. The other night, I needed to run an Expert but I was feeling a bit tired, and one thing I like about Red Mage is that I can play it on auto pilot fairly well, so I decided to use it for once. I very quickly went back to an old glamour (because I had most of the stuff in my Armory Chest already) for that run and resolved to come up with something new the next morning. Once I went browsing for things to play with, the Halonic Exorcist’s Thighboots grabbed my attention, so I set about creating a look with those as my starting point.

Glamour Components (Required Level: BLM/RDM/SMN 66)
Weapon: Rapier of the Round
Head: Elegant Rimless Glasses (Woad Blue)
Body: Serge Gambison of Casting (Woad Blue)
Hands: Halonic Exorcist’s Gloves
Legs: Falconer’s Bottoms (Jet Black)
Feet: Halonic Exorcist’s Thighboots

From the boots, I worked from the bottom up, starting with the leg piece. The Exorcist’s boots aren’t really thighboots at all, which meant settling on a pair of pants over a skirt or something. Options there are just as limited today as they more or less always have been, so the Falconer’s Bottoms made their way into this glamour almost by default. The Exorcists’s gloves were a natural choice here, and they have just enough color in them to guide the choice of dye on the Serge Gambison and the Elegant Rimless Glasses.

The only really tricky part of this one was deciding on a weapon. I don’t generally like to use the sort of basic crafted weapons, and the only Red Mage weapon I had that had any blue in it was the Ironworks Magitek Degen (of which I’m not very fond). Materials for the Rapier of the Round were fairly inexpensive though, so I decided to make one of those specifically for this glamour (this is why I have such trouble saving gil). Now that I have it, I’m pretty  fond of it, and I think I’ll keep it in mind for future glamours as well.

In leveling news, I’ve decided to wait on Monk in favor of Astrologian, which I’ve gotten to 64. In a couple levels, it’ll also have access to the Serge Gambison, so my current plan is to try to work out a glamour for that, since I never got around to doing so while I leveled Scholar. Samurai is also do for a rework, but I’m holding out for the Skallic Jacket on that one as long as I can!

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