Glamour Spotlight: Tanks #24

With the Thanksgiving holiday last week, I didn’t get a lot of runs in for the purpose of acquiring new glamour toys to play with, but as usual, I still wanted to put together something new. For reasons that are unclear to me, my thoughts turned toward Warrior for the first time in quite a while. Its gear, which it shared with my formerly-level-60 Dark Knight, had been glamoured to the DRK-specific Lynxliege stuff from this glamour that I used for most the journey from 60-70. That meant Alahra’s Warrior looked a little mismatched, with half of the glamour still showing up and the other half defaulting to the Shire Custodian’s gear (which isn’t necessarily a bad set, though I prefer the lighter Shire Pathfinder’s armor).

That gave me an excuse to experiment. Since Warrior is the last tank I’ve got to level, I thought I might try some class-specific stuff, and there was an old look I used for the Heavensward leveling stage that I thought I might update, centered around the Augmented Fighter’s Cuirass, but I had apparently turned in most of the other pieces I’d used for it to the Maelstrom to conserve inventory space. Since the things I needed were dungeon pieces, and I wasn’t looking forward to farming Sohm Al, I decided to go in a different direction.

Toward the end of the last expansion, while I was scrambling to finish my array of Anima weapons, I put together a look that never quite made it to the point where I felt like putting it here on Fashion Ninjutsu, and I just so happened to have the centerpiece, the Sky Rat Harness of Fending, sitting in my Armory Chest from reorganizing my retainers a couple weeks back. The look itself didn’t last long, since it wasn’t up to my usual standards, and I’ve only got one screenshot of it.

ffxiv_06072017_193309 (2)

The Sky Rat stuff actually looks pretty nice in Pure White for Alahra, but I never found a good pair of pieces for the Hands and Feet slots to go along with it. The Dravanian Gauntlets and Greaves were what I used back then, but they just didn’t quite mesh with everything else. I thought about using the Amatsu Tekko and Sune-Ate, to match the Hachigane that you can see in the shot, but those didn’t work either.

At one point in the process while re-equipping things, I noticed that the Harness looked very nice with the Storm Elite’s Skirt that I’d been using from the previous Dark Knight glamour, though, and that sent me in another direction. One reason I never really revisited the Sky Rat stuff for Alahra (favoring it on Lynahra instead) is that I rarely play Warrior, but that wasn’t so much of a concern now. An hour or so later, I had a new glamour!

Glamour Components (Required Level: DRK/PLD/WAR 60)
Weapon: Parashu (Dalamud Red)
Head: (none)
Body: Sky Rat Harnesss of Fending
Hands: Sky Rat Hook of Fending (Dalamud Red)
Legs: Storm Elite’s Skirt
Feet: Archaeoskin / High House Halfboots

I’ve always liked the Storm Elite Skirt, and a long-standing goal of mine was to find a glamour for it that didn’t use tall boots, since it already has leather leg guards that fulfill a similar purpose aesthetically. I’ve tried various times to make it work, but I’d usually done so on Paladin, which I feel typically needs somewhat heavier armor for a body piece. Bulkier body pieces created a bit of at topheavy feel with the Skirt, though, and I never found something to my satisfaction. The combination of the Sky Rat Harness and the Skirt create a great lightly-armored look that works very well for Warrior.

After seeing them together, my first thought was to go for the Augmented Hellfire stuff, but the Sabatons didn’t look right with the Skirt (and covered the leg guards, anyway). I didn’t have to look long for different gloves, since I’ve always been a big fan of the various Sky Rat ones. Boots, though, proved to need a lot more thought, as they often do for tanks. I’d often tried the Sky Pirate’s Boots of Fending in combination with the Skirt in the past but never committed to them, and this time turned out to be no different. I considered a lot of other knee-length boots, like the Field Commander’s Boots or the High Summoner’s Boots, but none of those really blended well with the leg guards on the Skirt. The High House Halfboots normally wouldn’t have worked either, but with how light the rest of the look was, they didn’t seem so much out of place.

Given the light, wild style with the rest of the pieces, I cut out the normal glasses that I use for tank glamours. I thought about keeping the Amatsu Hachigane as a nod to the original look from Heavensward, but overall I liked things much better with nothing at all in the head slot (which happens a lot more rarely than it used to these days). The final task was to find an axe in black and red that I liked. I’d always been a huge fan of Warrior’s Heavensward Artifact weapon, so I tossed some Centurio Seals at the necessary vendors and got the dyeable version.

The end result is one of those glamours that makes me want to play the class I put it together for, and given how little I enjoy Warrior at 60, that’s somewhat surprising to me. I don’t know that I’ll actually get around to it for awhile yet, since both Astrologian and Monk are at or past the halfway point to 70, but when I do come back to Warrior, I’ll have a glamour that should make the process a lot more enjoyable.

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