Glamour Spotlight: Scouting DPS #25

After two glamours with Lyse’s gear already, I probably don’t need to go into the fact that I really like the set. It’s very slowly taking over my glamours all around, and I continue to get new ideas for it every day. I’m doing what I can to maintain some level of variety, but the set is so nice that it’s really difficult! Even with that in mind, though, I couldn’t resist at least one more glamour for it, this one for Ninja, because there were a few pieces that were just perfect with the color scheme.

With Sasuke’s Blades (which are, at this point, probably Alahra’s signature glamour weapon) being red and gold, they’re such a good fit for the Scion Liberator’s Jacket, and I knew I’d want to pair them. I actually put most of this together about the same time that I worked out the most recent Bard glamour using the Jacket, but I hadn’t committed entirely to the options for the gloves and boots, so I’d been waiting to post this spotlight until I was sure I was happy with it.

Glamour Spotlight (Required Level: NIN 70)
Weapon: (ReplicaSasuke’s Blades Zeta (Dalamud Red)
Head: Reading Glasses (Ul Brown)
Body: Scion Liberator’s Jacket
Hands: Ala Mhigan Fingerless Gloves of Scouting
Legs: Scion Liberator’s Pantalettes
Feet: Tigerskin Thighboots of Scouting (Dark Brown)

As I usually do when I work with the Ninja Zeta weapon, I started out with the Scion Healer’s Highboots, which are almost as much of an identifier for Alahra as the weapon itself. I wasn’t really happy with the shape on those alongside the Jacket, though (which has been holding me back from a Monk glamour with the Liberator’s Attire). The Jacket flares out just a bit at the waist, which really suggests a need for somewhat thicker boots, and thankfully, Ninja’s Tigerskin Thighboots have red laces, making them perfect for pairing with the Jacket.

At first, I left the Thighboots in their default color scheme, which is brown, black, and red, because I was pretty sure I’d be using the Ala Mhigan gloves, which are red and black (with a little bit of a red-brown for good measure). After sitting on the glamour for several days, though, I concluded that the boots just had too much black (which was a problem Y’shtola’s boots had, too). They dye in a really helpful way here (and that’s something I don’t say often, since I normally hate two-channel dyeing patterns)—in Dark Brown, the top of the boots gets so dark that it’s almost black, which matches the gloves pretty well while adding more brown to match the straps on the Jacket.

The final piece I settled on were the Reading Glasses. Normally, I favor the Elegant Rimless ones these days, but the Reading Glasses have a similar texture to the buckles on the Jacket when dyed, making them a better fit even if they clip Alahra’s bangs ever so slightly. The end result is another glamour that I’m especially happy with, and honestly I’m having a hard time deciding on which of the three I’ve done with Lyse’s set is my favorite at this point. I’ve also got some more ideas for it yet, though I’m going to try to take a break from using it for a little bit. We’ll see how I do with that!

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