Glamour Spotlight: Bard #14

During the long and arduous period after my PC died and before the new one arrived, I picked up a copy of Stormblood for my PS4 so that I could FFXIV on the other platform to stave off boredom-induced madness. That didn’t go especially well, as I couldn’t use WTFast on PS4 and I had a ton of latency issues as a result. I did manage, though, to get in a run of Royal City of Rabanastre that proved to be pretty worthwhile despite the lag, since I finally got the Ivalician Fusiller’s Jacket.

Since I only had things partially set up on the PS4 side of things, I had to wait several days for my PC to arrive before I could properly work out a new glamour for it, though. The Jacket proved to be somewhat tricky to use, as it’s got something of a disparate color scheme that doesn’t play well with pieces outside of the rest of the Fusiller’s set. I ended up using several pieces I hadn’t used before after a lot of trial and error and some dead ends.

Glamour Components (Required Level: BRD 70)
Weapon: Yoichi Bow Zeta (Replica) (Russet Brown)
Head: Augmented Choral Chapeau (Russet Brown)
Body: Ivalician Fusiller’s Jacket
Hands: Auroral Bracers (Russet Brown)
Legs: Auroral Brais (Shadow Blue)
Feet: Tigerskin Thighboots of Aiming (Russet Brown)

Long before I actually had the Jacket, I had an idea for it. Because of the blue on it, I thought it would be interesting to pair with the Augmented Choral Tights. That proved to be more or less unworkable due to color clashes (and the loss of the blue on the Tights when they’re dyed). With that original idea thrown out the window, I had to look around for new inspiration, which I found in the Ghost Barque Boots of Aiming, which more or less matched the leather parts of the Jacket even undyed.

Using the Ghost Barque Boots definitely meant sticking to pants for the legs slot, which is always a challenge, even when I know it’ll work out best. Continuing on from the Ghost Barque Boots, I noticed that the ARR-era Auroral Brais had a similar color scheme, too. I’d always liked them, too, but never gotten around to using them since I so rarely work with brown in my glamours (though that’s been changing lately, especially with respect to Bard). The Brais had a problem, though, in that there’s out of place orange that’s visible when they’re worn alongside knee boots. That meant dropping the Ghost Barque Boots in favor of something taller, and as usual, I started with the Expeditioner’s Thighboots.

I wasn’t happy with those, though, as they seemed a bit too narrow, and going with the lighter Chocolate Brown to match the leather on the Jacket didn’t seem to work. After those I tried the Eikon Leather Thighboots of Aiming, thinking the gold plating on them would be a good fit, but they had color issues much like the Expeditioner’s boots did. The similar Griffin Leather Thighboots didn’t work well either. I tried the Tigerskin Thighboots next, which dye in something of a strange fashion that actually works well here, with most of the boots actually going to a lighter shade than the chosen color. That allowed me to go with a darker shade for use with the gloves and Choral Chapeau, fixing the problem I had with the Expeditioner’s Thighboots.

From there all I had to do was figure out gloves. The Marid Leather Gloves I’d been using didn’t play well in terms of dye with the rest of the pieces, but I noticed while browsing the Market Board that the overall shape of the Serpentskin Bracers was pretty nice, which made me wonder about the Auroral ones. I didn’t have those, which meant both spending some Centurio Seals and clearing Turn 7 (which I managed solo on Paladin, which was honestly kind of fun) to get a Sands of Time to get the dyeable version. They were worth the effort though, as outside of a very small sliver of green, they blend in very well with all the other choices.

I think that covers just about everything for this one (since I hardly need to go into detail on the Choral Chapeau at this point). I’m not sure what I’ll be looking to glamour next, since I’ve only just gotten back into the groove of playing again, but if I had to guess, I’ll be trying to figure out a new look for either Alahra’s or Lynahra’s Samurai, both of which are using the Shire Pankratiast’s Jacket, so one of them needs to change!

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