Glamour Spotlight: Scholar #5

Since Patch 4.2 brought with it a new Raid/Tomestone tier as usual, I’ve been running Experts fairly regularly, and I’ve had decent luck so far when it comes to collecting pieces that have glamour potential. On one of my first few runs of the new dungeons, I picked up the Farlander Hat of Healing (while on Monk, no less, which is much better luck than I had for drops from Drowned City of Skalla), and I knew I was going to be using it at some point right away. It’s been rare that we’ve gotten headgear for healers that I can find a use for, so I was pretty excited to get something usable for once, especially something with a style not unlike that of my beloved Augmented Choral Chapeau.

I also knew that whatever I did with the hat was probably going to involve the Augmented Scholar’s Culottes in some way. When I first got the hat, I thought the cord on it was blue (it’s more of a blue-green color), and that suggested the possibility of doing something with the blue on the Omnilex Nexus, which naturally encouraged going Scholar specific. But long before I ever got around to trying that out, I got another idea for something to include that would not leave me alone!

Glamour Components (Required Level: SCH 70)
Weapon: Inferno Codex
Head: Farlander Hat of Healing
Body: Adventuring Sweater (Slate Grey)
Hands: Augmented Shire Preceptor’s Gloves (Slate Grey)
Legs: Augmented Scholar’s Culottes (Slate Grey)
Feet: Griffin Leather Boots of Healing (Slate Grey)

I’ve had my eye on 4.2’s new Adventuring Sweater since Patch Day like just about everyone else. I wasn’t excited for the plain version because what sold it for me on the sweater was the scarf, which is something I’ve always liked for Alahra (and it’s a big part of the reason I love the Iga Ningi so much). As I often do with the new high end glamour items, I planned to wait for the price of the Sweater to come down until it was more affordable, but the thought of using it simply wouldn’t leave me alone! Thankfully, since I was finally able to get a house following the addition of the housing plots in 4.2, I don’t have to obsessively hoard gil anymore, and I was able to make the piece without killing my gil stash.

After I had the Sweater, I finally noticed that the cord on the Hat isn’t blue like I thought it was, which lead me to exploring ways to match the main color of the hat instead. Though I don’t normally care for items that dye in the way the Adventuring Sweater does, in this case, the secondary grey works really well to pair with the Hat. The Culottes dye in a similar fashion, too, so I had a foundation for the new glamour really quickly. All that was left was to figure out some good options for “warm” boots and gloves.

The Griffin Leather Boots were an easy choice, since I wanted something dyeable, short, and preferably fur-lined. They worked so well I never got around to even looking at other options, and it’s entirely possible I missed something even better, but sometimes I like to just go with my first instincts. For gloves, I knew I needed a pair that wouldn’t interfere with the Sweater. The Shire Preceptor’s Gloves were already in my inventory (since my White Mage still has them equipped), and I really liked that they don’t obscure rings, which makes them a bit unique compared to other similar gloves.

With everything in place, all I had to do was find a proper book to use. Grey is a hard color to match on most Scholar weapons, since dyes often hit the various metal bits that adorn the average codex. The Inferno Codex was naturally the right color, though, and I thought having a little fire for flavor (and warmth!) made sense given the otherwise cold weather vibe the rest of the pieces have going. As an added bonus, the orange of the flames matches the stripe at the top of the socks on the Culottes!

While I’m likely to to keep experimenting with the Adventuring Sweater (and I already have a lot of thoughts on ways to use it in other colors, including Shadow Blue to match up with the Omnilex), I’m happy enough with this first attempt that I think I’ll let this one stick around for awhile before I try something different. Patch 4.2 has been kind to me so far on the glamour front (and on the front of actually having things to do!), so I hope that can continue with the release of Eureka in a few weeks!

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