Glamour Spotlight: Bard #16

Things have so far been pretty slow on the glamour front for Patch 4.2. I’ve been hoarding my Mendacity Tomestones, as I’m not sure which class I’m going to focus on first between Monk and Ninja, and I also want to see what the gear coming from Eureka looks like before I make spending decisions for such a precious resource. I’ve also not gotten anything that really speaks to me from the new Expert dungeons (outside of the Farlander Hat of Healing, which I used not long ago). So, to kill time while waiting for Eureka, I’ve largely been revisiting glamours for the classes I haven’t played much.

Of course, I have gotten one new thing in the Adventuring Sweater, and since it was a precious chunk of change to craft, I do want to be sure to get a lot of mileage out of it! A few days ago, I started wondering how I might use it for Bard, since I thought the combo of the sweater with the Augmented Choral Chapeau would look nice. With that thought in mind I sat down to work something out. From the start, I knew I wanted to go with the Sweater in Pure White this time, since I think it looks best that way, and that proved to be a bit of a challenge for reasons I’ll get to in a moment.

Glamour Components (Required Level: BRD 60)
Weapon: Artemis Bow Nexus (Replica)
Head: Augmented Choral Chapeau (Pure White)
Body: Adventuring Sweater (Pure White)
Hands: Augmented Shire Conservator’s Gloves (Pure White)
Legs: Werewolf Bottoms (Pure White)
Feet: Serpentskin Fringe Boots (Pure White)

From the waist on up, this one proved to be fairly straightforward. I had already settled on the Chapeau and the Sweater, of course, so all that was left to decide on was a pair of gloves or something. While experimenting with options for the Legs and Feet slots, I kept the Claws of the Beast on, which probably would have worked out fine. Ultimately, I decided to go with the Shire gloves, though, as I rather liked the way the similar Preceptor’s model worked for the healer glamour from last week.

The trouble started with boots, though. Leather gear rarely dyes well with Pure White Dye, which meant most of my staples were going to be off of the table. I considered using the Far Eastern Beauty’s Boots or the High Summoner’s Boots, since those both look really nice in white, but the trouble was finding a good option to go with them for a skirt or some sort of tights. I couldn’t find anything that I liked in tandem with them, though, and ultimately I settled on the Fringe Boots instead. They’re kind of heavy and “warm,” which works pretty well with the Sweater, and they gave me a little more flexibility when choosing something for the final slot.

I considered a number of skirts: the Direwolf Skirt of Aiming (from my last glamour) didn’t look half bad but didn’t quite match in terms of colors, the Faire Kohakama looked nice but seemed a little too short, and the Miqo’te Loincloth was definitely too short. I also tried out the Scion Liberator’s Pantalettes and the Lady’s Knickers (White), but neither of those really seemed to fit. The Werewolf Bottoms, being so good as a general purpose adventuring skirt, ended up fitting best, though I think there might be something better out there that I didn’t think of before I finalized this one.

I’ll probably be turning my eye toward Red Mage or Black Mage (or Casters in general) for my next project. My anticipation for Eureka is slowly mounting, and I’m hoping we get some more official previews for it soon. I don’t feel like we’ve really been told enough to have a good sense of the content yet, and I really want to know what we’re getting into!

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