Glamour Spotlight: Healers #29

While I really liked the profile of my last Scholar glamour, I soured on the dull, grey color scheme very quickly, which makes me wish the Farlander Hat of Healing was dyeablel But, since it’s not, I’d been pondering other ways to use the Adventuring Sweater in a healer glamour for a little bit now. As you can no doubt tell by the header image, the arrival of the Spring Shirt put a bit of a wrench in my plans. It’s such a unique top that I felt like playing around with it more even after already putting together one look for it earlier this week.

Part of why I’ve enjoyed the Spring Shirt so much is that it’s gotten me to return to some pieces I haven’t used in some time and also gotten me to consider using items in new ways. For the Machinist look I mentioned above, I used the Survival Hat for the first time and came back to the Allagan Aiming gear for the first time since some time in Heavensward (at least, as far as I can remember!). This time, I found myself doing something that I don’t think I’ve ever done with the Guardian Corps Skirt, which is to use it with boots that aren’t thighboots (which is something I already do rarely as it is!).

Glamour Components (Required Level: AST/SCH/WHM 50)
Weapon: Ala Mhigan Codex (Chocolate Brown)
Head: Flat Cap (Chocolate Brown)
Body: Spring Shirt (Pure White)
Hands: Saurian Gloves of Healing (Chocolate Brown)
Legs: Guardian Corps Skirt (Chocolate Brown)
Feet: Kirimu Boots of Healing (Chocolate Brown)

When I sat down to work this one out, I was pretty sure that I wanted to dye the Shirt Pure White, since I had tried and failed to do so for Machinist. That proved to guide the glamour process along quite nicely, as I had to find other pieces that worked with the little bit of brown on the Shirt. As with the last glamour, I started out with the Guardian Corps Skirt again, which just pairs very well with the top, though I did try to find some other options, like the Cashmere Skirt of Healing. Nothing seemed quite as well as the Guardian Corps Skirt, though, so I stuck with it.

The next step was to find the right pair of gloves. The Spring Shirt’s pretty unique among tops with wider sleeves in that even many shorter gloves will hide the puffy part of the sleeves (a trait I usually have to result to over-the-elbow gloves to obscure, since it tends to look rather ridiculous on Alahra). That opened up a pair of gloves that I used to use quite frequently during A Realm Reborn, the Saurian Gloves of Healing. When dyed, they maintain a little bit of white, which worked really well paired with the Shirt and made them a much better fit than other options like the Marid Leather Gloves or Gazelleskin Bracers of Healing.

Boots proved to be the biggest challenge, though. Since I had just gotten done with a look that used tall boots (well, sollerets) with the Guardian Corps Skirt and the Spring Shirt, I wanted to shoot for something different here. This proved troublesome, though, as I’ve never actually been much of a fan of the side pouch that comes along with the Skirt. It never really seems to fit in with my looks, but for something different I really wanted to try to make it work this time. I considered a lot of options: namely, the Griffin Leather Boots of Healing, the Far Eastern Beauty’s Boots, and the Sharlayan Preceptor’s Boots. None of those really seemed to suit the pouch, though. The Kirimu Boots had a fairly good profile to pair with the Skirt and pouch, though, and as an added bonus, they keep a bit of white when dyed, just like the Saurian Gloves.

After I had settled on the boots, I had to take a break from the glamour process and I ended up sleeping on things before deciding on headgear. From everything else that I had put together for this one, I was pretty sure I didn’t want to use glasses of some kind, which meant finding a good hat instead. Since I had already used the Survival Hat, that was out (especially since I was already using the Guardian Corps Skirt again), I needed to find something new. It came down to a choice between the Red Beret and the Flat Cap. I went with the latter because the secondary brown color pairs up with the color of the Guardian Corps Skirt for a pretty cohesive look from top to bottom.

I’m not sure what my next glamour’s going to be exactly, though I’m probably overdue for something new for Ninja or Monk. One of the two is going to be the job I focus on to start in Eureka, and I often like to kick things off with a new glamour. The real trouble here is that I’m still really happy with both of my glamours for both jobs, so even once I decide which one to focus on first, I don’t know that I can really part with what I’ve already got! Of course, I still have thoughts on additional ways to use the Spring Shirt, too, so maybe I’ll end up doing something different instead!

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