Glamour Spotlight: Red Mage #4

Like I mentioned last time, I have a Red Mage glamour, too! I actually put this one together first, because no matter how I try, I always seem to want to come back to red for Red Mage. My last glamour was Pure White, which just never seems to work out in the end on my Red Mage. Over time, I liked the Ao Dai less and less on Alahra as well (which is one of those bizarre things where it looks great on basically everybody else to me), so with both of those things combined, I couldn’t really resist the urge to glamour again.

Glamour Components (Required Level: RDM 70)
Weapon: Antiquated Murgleis
Head: Antiquated Duelist’s Chapeau
Body: Astral Silk/Chivalric Doublet of Casting (Dalamud Red)
Hands: Claws of the Beast (Plum Purple)
Legs: Bunny Chief Tights
Feet: Scion Healer’s Highboots

Naturally, I started with the Duelist’s Chapeau—if I was already going for a red look, I couldn’t think of any good reason not to use it. I’ve been on a hat kick for a little, too, of course, and so the Chapeau was an appropriate starting point for a couple reasons. From there, I decided to play around with the Chivalric Doublet—I’ve used the healer version several times before, but I’ve never manage a Caster glamour with their equivalent that I’ve been happy with. Dyed Dalamud Red, the Doublet ends up with something of an odd color match: the sleeves end up almost purple in color, which ended up guiding most everything else.

The inclusion I’m most excited about here is the Bunny Chief Tights—I’ve actually been meaning to get more use out of them for years now, but I’ve never been able to find a combination of colors that I liked with them. Their color is fairly unique, and with Alahra’s pale skin tone, they really stand out. I’d tried plenty of purple-based looks with them in the past but never found one that stuck, and it turns out that I’d just been approaching things in the wrong way the whole time. The Tights work really well with the sleeves on the Doublet here, though, and I liked the hint of purple enough that I kept the Plum Purple for the Claws from the last glamour I had for Red Mage.

The boots weren’t the final piece I settled on, but they were pretty obvious from the start, since the main accent color on the Doublet is black. I did consider using the Antiquated Duelist’s Thighboots, since I was already committed to a Red Mage-specific look, but their shape didn’t seem to play as well with the Bunny Chief Tights. I’ve been debating kitting out my Red Mage a little bit better in anticipation for Eureka (where I imagine healing and resurrection spells will prove pretty useful), so I think I might actually get a decent amount of use out of this one.

Using the Doublet again has also made me consider it again for healers, and before I sat down to get screenshots and write the post for this one, an idea popped into my head almost fully formed for another glamour. If I can get that one put together, I’ll probably try to get it up before Eureka as well!

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