Glamour Spotlight: Monk #10

I’ve been agonizing over what to do with my Monk glamour ever since I finished the Anemos weapon for the job. I already talked about the reasons why, so I won’t reiterate how annoyed I still am about the Sudarshana Chakras Anemos. I stubbornly spent most of the time since I completed them trying to ignore the off-color straps on them. Every now and then, I’d convince myself they weren’t so bad, only to notice how badly the coeurl-print sticks out. In an attempt to bridge the gap a bit, I dyed Alahra’s glasses back to Colibri Pink to match the straps, but that just wasn’t enough to make them work.

All the while, I’d had a seed of an idea germinating in the back of my mind. For the most part, the Pacifist’s Attire loses most of its accent colors when dyed, but one small detail remains: the jade baubles hanging off of the Pacifist’s Vest. I’d been kicking around the idea of using those as an anchor point in some way, but it took me several days to finally give up on using the Chakras. Once I finally decided that it was a lot more important for Alahra to have her “canon” white glamour than it was to have my Chakras unglamoured, those green baubles became the thing that pulled the whole look together.

Glamour Components (Required Level: Monk 70)
Weapon: (Replica) Nyepels Lux
Head: Elegant Rimless Glasses (Ochu Green)
Body: Anemos Pacifist’s Vest (Pure White)
Hands: Anemos Pacifist’s Armguards (Pure White)
Legs: Coeurl Beach Tanga (Pure White)
Feet: Dravanian Thighboots of Striking
Ears: Platinum Earrings of Healing

The core of the look is, of course, largely the same as the Monk glamour I’d been using since hitting 70 on Monk, only with the dyeable Pacifist’s Vest serving as the centerpiece instead. Since the Tanga’s pattern doesn’t exactly match the waist wrap on the Vest, I went ahead and stuck with Pure White on both the body and the legs slot (as opposed to something Slate or Charcoal Grey on the Tanga), since pairing the Tanga to the actual vest seemed to work much better to me.

I moved away from the Saurian Boots of Striking pretty early (long before I had the Anemos Chakras), since they didn’t seem to work quite as well with the Vest in white. For awhile, I was using the Tigerskin Thighboots of Striking in Jet Black, but at some point during the first couple weeks of Eureka, I noticed that the non-dyeable Dravanian Thighboots worked a lot better. They’ve got some grey on them, which pairs up well with the secondary grey that comes along with Pure White, and the white laces and trim look great with the Vest. To really drive the point home, the softer black on them also matches the black on the Vest a lot better than Jet Black, too, so they’re just an absolutely perfect fit.

These core pieces were already set in stone when I got the Chakras and discovered I couldn’t use them, and ultimately most of my struggle came down to how best to make the look work given the color limitations on the Chakras. After I dyed the glasses to match the baubles on the Vest, it hit me that the Nyepels Lux have a green glow, and then I got really excited. I glamoured those right away, which meant I then had to decide whether I wanted to dye the Armguards Pure White or some shade of green, with the white winning out since that seemed to make them fit better with the Vest.

The final touch was to actually glamour earrings, which is something I almost never do. The Mendacity earrings really looked out of place, since they actually have a knot style similar to the one on the Vest but were the wrong color. I didn’t have to think long about it, though: I knew the old Platinum Earrings from A Realm Reborn would be perfect, since they’re spherical like the jewelry on the Vest and the healing pair comes in a nice shade of green.

Barring some absolutely phenomenal new options between now and the end of Stormblood, this glamour has a really strong chance of lasting for the rest of the expansion as Alahra’s canon look for the Main Scenario. Of course, it’s up in the air just what we’re going to see with future Eureka-based upgrades for the Stormblood-era Artifact gear. We’re in new territory there, and I don’t know if we’ll be getting entirely new models at some point or not. If we do, I’ll more than likely try to use the new set in Pure White at some point, too, but I have to admit it’s going to be really tough for something to top the Pacifist’s Vest for me!

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