Patrons Only Spotlight #10: Healers

Healers winning out for the monthly poll ended up being perfect, as right as we turned the corner into April, I was itching for a new Scholar glamour. My last one was all right, but after using it more often in Eureka, I started to get a bit tired of it. It felt like a relic from an older time (and in a way, it was, since it was mostly built of Heavensward era pieces), and I was growing slightly dissatisfied with the way the Chivalric Doublet looked with the Dhalmelskin Fringe Boots.

Much like I mentioned not long ago, I started out wanting to use the Spring Bottoms for healer, too, and while exploring different tops to pair with them, I started to really fixate on using the Anemos Jacket again. It doesn’t dye very well, and ultimately it doesn’t look that great with the Spring Bottoms in my opinion either, but I liked the idea of using it enough again that I switched gears. Since the Jacket dyes so poorly, I set out to use it in its default color scheme, which is actually pretty nice to begin with.


Glamour Components (Required Level: AST/SCH/WHM 68)
Weapon: Gyuki Leather Codex
Head: Survival Hat (Jet Black)
Body: Anemos Jacket (Jet Black)
Hands: Gazelleskin Bracers (Jet Black)
Legs: Direwolf Skirt of Healing (Jet Black)
Feet: Expeditioner’s Thighboots (Jet Black)

The pieces came together steadily enough, even though the Jacket’s actually one of those shades of brown we can’t quite match and the undershirt that comes with it is also a shade of white that doesn’t match Pure White or Snow White Dye (though Snow White is somewhat close). I settled on using the Cashmere Skirt of Healing first, since the leather on it matches the Jacket pretty well. I added the Expeditioner’s Thighboots next, and then the Gazelleskin Bracers of Healing, before I finally settled on keeping the Survival Hat, too. But something about the look wasn’t coming together right in my mind.

I couldn’t quite place it, but once I started trying to find a Scholar book that worked (which was tricky since very few Scholar books look good in brown), I decided the color scheme just wasn’t working. Since the Jacket’s shade can’t be matched, I had been experimenting with a few different browns (mostly waffling between Loam and Kobold Brown), but I couldn’t find a shade that really made the look seem whole. Out of curiosity, I tested out Jet Black in the preview windows and found that I liked that much better overall, but that created a new problem: the Cashmere Skirt keeps the brown belt when dyed, which then stuck out like a sore thumb.

Thankfully, the other dyeable model of the skirt is also a healer piece. All I had to do was queue for a Frontlines Roulette to get enough Wolf Marks to pick up the Direwolf version, which has a black belt instead. That let me go full in on Jet Black without issue, and the resulting look actually works really well, since all of the pieces dye in ways that are pretty consistent with each other, despite every one of them coming from different item sets. Now if we could just get another All Classes version of the Jacket that dyes well in Pure White so I could use it forever!

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