Glamour Spotlight: Scholar #6

I’m at a wonderful point with Eureka now, having finished full sets of Anemos gear for Alahra’s three primary jobs for Stormblood (barring any sudden changes in priorities, anyway) but with enough interest to keep gathering upgrade crystals, meaning I can target things specifically for glamour now. After I finished up my Red Mage set, I debated a bit between finishing Bard, Samurai, or even both before moving onto glamour-specific pick ups, but my glamour obsession got the better of me while I was browsing to decide what my next piece should be. Neither Bard or Samurai had pieces that immediately jumped out of me for glamour, but Scholar did, and here we are!

I’d been looking forward to picking up the dyeable Orator’s Bottoms ever since hitting 70 on Scholar, and it was a pretty long wait, which I suppose meant that once all of my main priorities were out of the way, I couldn’t help myself. When I tried them on while deciding which piece to get, glamour possibilities started coming to mind almost immediately, and at that point, I knew there wasn’t any way out of it! Since it was more or less a given that the core of the look was going to be very familiar, I wanted to mix things up a bit by adding in some pieces I’ve not used in combination with the various Scholar skirts yet.

Glamour Components (Required Level: Scholar 70)
Weapon: Anabasis Lux (Replica) (Jet Black)
Head: Red Beret (Jet Black)
Body: Scion Adventurer’s Jacket (Pure White)
Hands: Leonhart Gloves
Legs: Anemos Orator’s Bottoms (Jet Black)
Feet: Songbird Boots (Jet Black)

I found pretty quickly that the Anemos Orator’s Bottoms dye best in Jet Black, since the stockings on them go a shade darker than the chosen dye (which means they’re an annoying grey if the Bottoms are dyed Pure White). I could see using them in dark blue or dark red as well, but given that I’ve been back on a white and black kick again, I decided to stick with Alahra’s in character color preferences. Naturally, with the skirt in Black, my first inclination was to use the Scion Adventurer’s Jacket, but I resisted that impulse for quite awhile, since I’ve used the Jacket so much for Scholar already. After trying out the Archaeoskin Jackcoat of Crafting, the Warwolf Bliaud of Healing, and a couple other pieces, I actually settled on the Best Man’s Jacket (in Pure White, of course) for a nice, professional look (and also a piece I haven’t used a great deal).

With the Best Man’s Jacket in place, I started looking for the rest of the glamour. Boots proved trickier than I imagined they would. The last time I used the Orator’s Bottoms, I had the easy decision to go with the High House Halfboots, which pair very well with the stockings. However, because of the “extra dark” Black on the tights with Jet Black dye, they actually clashed, and I had to find something different. The Songbird Boots ended up being the best fit. They’re a bit bulkier than I normally prefer for this kind of look, but the gold clasps on them actually match the insignia at the top of the stockings, which is a nice touch.

After that, I had to find something to replace the glasses I normally use for Scholar-specific glamours. Luckily, I’d already been branching out in that regard lately, and I had a few possibilities in mind before I had even begun. At first, I thought to use the High House Cloche, but despite my former love for it, I’ve come to realize I don’t care much for the “ear slots” it has, since they take away from its otherwise classy style. The Red Beret is pretty similar to it, though, and it made for a really nice compliment to the Best Man’s Jacket.

As I often do when I get close to finalizing a glamour, I did a sort of “final pass,” trying on a few different body pieces again, to see if there was something that actually fit better with the other pieces I’d settled on than the Jacket. Just to make sure I was happy with the Best Man’s Jacket, I swapped in the Scion Adventurer’s Jacket again, and that’s when everything really clicked. With its black undershirt, the Scion Adventurer’s Jacket actually worked much better alongside the Red Beret in Jet Black than the Best Man’s Jacket did, and I made the last-minute decision to go with it anyway on account of that. That left me with one final thing to do. The Claws of the Beast, which I normally use for Scholar, didn’t really fit in with the Beret, so I swapped in the more fashionable Leonhart Gloves instead.

More Anemos glamours, for other jobs, are likely to be on the horizon, since I don’t think I’ll be actually completing the Scholar set (at least for now). I definitely want to pick up the Anemos Myochin Haori and several pieces of the Storyteller’s gear for Bard. The Dark Knight AF also has my eye, and I might even get a couple pieces of the Black Mage set, too, as it actually looks pretty good when dyed. It’s also likely that I’ll end up with at least one more fresh 70 before we get Eureka: Pagos, as well, but I can’t say what that will be just yet!

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