Mog Station Review: Nezha Lady’s Attire

When I last reviewed a Mog Station item, it really seemed like Square Enix was ramping up the number of cash shop additions, but after that things slowed down a bit. While we did get a pair of new Carbuncle outfits not long after, while I was without a PC (which is why I never reviewed them), outside of some new emotes and seasonal items, there haven’t been any new gear sets for several months now. We’ve known some more were coming, of course, since most cash shop items end up in the game data months before they’re actually added to the Mog Station, but it took far longer than I anticipated for the Nezha Lady’s and Nezha Lord’s Attire to be available for purchase. But, they’re finally here! As usual, given that all of my characters are female, I’ll be reviewing the female set.

The Nezha Lady’s Attire is available for purchase only as a set, for $18 USD, which includes 5 items: the Star of the Nezha Lady, and the Nezha Lady’s Togi, Gloves, Slops, and Kneeboots. All of the items are female gender-locked as expected, and each one of them is also dyeable. As with many of the other Mog Station sets that are associated with Doma and/or FFXIV‘s “Far East,” the Nezha Lady’s Attire provides various set bonuses when worn while under level 30 (including a 30% Experience Point bonus for wearing the entire set). Like the others, the sets are level 1 with low Defense and Magic Defense, making them less useful for leveling tanks, but the bonuses should work well for other classes.

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The set is pretty well-modeled when it comes to clipping, with no major problems when it comes to tails or hair. Shorter styles will probably work best, since some of the longer ones may clip somewhat through the back of the Nezha Lady’s Togi, but it doesn’t have a wide collar, so even most of those should work pretty well. There is a somewhat minor tail clipping issue with the cord on the back of the Togi, which moves when your character in motion and will swish back and forth between the tails of miqo’te and au ra. It may also clip while some idle poses are in use (as you can probably guess from seeing how close it rests to Alahra’s tail in the pose I used for the screenshots above).

The set on the whole has a lot of glamour potential, with the Nezha Lady’s Togi being the standout piece. It’s similar in form to the Monk-only Pacifist’s Vest but available to all classes and jobs, opening up a nice vest option for other roles. While it does have rather bulky sleeves, they aren’t too bad (and they can be slimmed down depending on glove choice, as well). The Star of the Nezha Lady is a pretty flexible choice for accessorizing, and the Nezha Lady’s Gloves are a solid, dyeable option for fingerless gloves (of which we actually don’t have very many!). The Slops offer a pretty unique option for tights that can probably be used in combination with a lot of things, as well as offering a dyeable option for shorts where needed. The only piece I’m not personally sold on is the pair of Kneeboots, since they seem like they’ll only really work with the set itself, but they’re still a pretty neat model.

As noted above, each of the pieces is dyeable. As usual, I’ve collected some screenshots of the various pieces in Pure White, Jet Black, Dalamud Red, and Royal Blue, to give a pretty good idea of the set’s overall dyeing patterns.

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Overall, the Nezha Lady’s Attire dyes very well, with the chosen dye featuring prominently on every piece, and secondary colors largely showing up in only minor ways. The only piece that has any potential issues with secondary channels is the Nezha Lady’s Slops. The shorts on them feature the secondary, lighter shade centrally, with the darker shade filling in on the sides, while the actual chosen color is featured on the tights. Given that the Slops are divided into three prominent color channels (as opposed to the other pieces mostly having one prominent channel with other channels mostly being accents), something like this was probably unavoidable. That being said, they still look pretty good in each shade even if matching them to other gear may sometimes get a bit tricky. I’m especially happy that the channels are more or less consistent across the entire set, with even the Star of the Nezha Lady maintaining the gold just like every other piece in the set does. Being able to dye the gemstone on the Star is very welcome, as that should allow for a lot of flexibility in matching it to earrings and other accessories.

I expect the Nezha Lady’s Attire to remain pretty popular for a good long while, as it provides a lot of well-modeled, flexible options for glamours and opens up some styles of clothing for classes that previously haven’t had much in the way of similar pieces. I’m personally quite happy with the purchase, since every piece in the set dyes reasonably well and should be useful in plenty of combinations with a wide range of other gear pieces. The set’s also one of the better-priced ones on the Mog Station, including 5 dyeable pieces, whereas other sets sometimes only include 3 for the same price (and sometimes they aren’t even dyeable, as is the case with Y’shtola’s Modish Attire).

Much like the Scion Liberator’s Attire before it, expect to see the Nezha Lady’s Attire showing  up on Fashion Ninjutsu a lot in the near future!

I purchased the Nezha Lady’s Attire for purposes of this review, thanks in part to the support of Fashion Ninjutsu’s Patrons. Your support on Patreon can, among other things (like keeping the site advertisement free), help me purchase items from the cash shop for further reviews.

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