Glamour Spotlight: Tanks #29

I’ve spent almost all of my time in FFXIV since the release of the Nezha Lady’s Attire experimenting with it. It’s a great glamour set (and I talked about some of the reasons why in my review), and it looks fantastic on Alahra. I’ve been focusing on other things for most of the last week, but given how enamored I was with the set, I’ve been squeezing in as much time as I can to play around with it. I’ve had plenty of ideas for it already (and I even have the full set glamoured on my Samurai, but what’s the fun in spotlighting that?), and it took me quite some time to figure out just what glamour I wanted to figure out first.

I decided ultimately based on the fact that most of my other main jobs already have relatively recent glamours (like Scholar) or glamours I really don’t want to give up yet (like Monk). There are a handful of jobs, like White Mage, Astrologian, and Dragoon, that haven’t gotten a lot of attention for quite some time since I have yet to get them to level 70, and at first, I started working on a healer glamour for my White Mage, since I suspect I might be working on it sometime soon. I got distracted by re-glamouring my level 70 tanks before I actually managed to finish a new White Mage look, though, and so here we are!


Glamour Components (Required Level: DRK/PLD/WAR 64)
Weapon: Chromite Greatsword
Head: (none)
Body: Nezha Lady’s Togi (Pure White)
Hands: Doman Iron Gauntlets of Fending (Pure White)
Legs: Nezha Lady’s Slops (Pure White)
Feet: Doman Iron Greaves of Fending

I’m not entirely sure why the Nezha Lady’s Togi seemed so right for a tank glamour to me, especially since the set as a whole is entirely inappropriate in a protective sense. But, of course, I’ve long been chasing the elusive (Pure?) White Whale of lightly-armored tank glamours for Alahra. I’ve managed a few here and there, but solid items for this sort of thing come very rarely, and I suppose I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to make the Nezha Togi work. Because of the difficulty of finding gauntlets and the like that worked alongside the Togi, I originally had plans to do a Metallic Silver glamour with it, which seemed like it would be a lot simpler, but given that so many of my glamours right now are in Pure White, I did have some reason to put some effort into creating a satisfactory white look, too.

The key piece turned out to be the Doman Iron Gauntlets. My love of the Orthodox and Dravanian tank sets, which share a model with the Doman Iron set, should be no secret by this point, but neither of them seemed to really work with the Togi. For awhile, I was working with my normal High Allagan Gauntlets and Heavy Allagan Flanchard combo, but those certainly didn’t work well in white, and the Gauntlets in particular clashed with the Togi in a way I couldn’t get beyond. The dyed Doman Iron Gauntlets do something really cool, though: the dye applies to the fabric, rather than the metal, which has the effect of making it look like the Togi and the Gauntlets are a sort of “armored jacket” when used together in the same color.

Naturally, from there, I got out the Doman Iron Greaves, too. They don’t dye in the same way, unfortunately (in one of those bizarre cases where dyeing channels across a gearset don’t properly line up), but since the metal on the Gauntlets doesn’t change (much) with dye, using the Greaves in their default color worked just fine. Since both the Gauntlets and the Greaves are (sort of) gold, I stuck with the Neza Lady’s Slops for some additional gold (since the Togi doesn’t have a ton of it itself) to keep the look coherent. There are tons of other options that might have worked, of course, but I wanted to use my new stuff anyway!

For the final touch, I searched high and low for an appropriate accessory to glamour in the Head slot, but after several browsing trips through the Market Board, all the appropriate Retainers, the Armoire, and several currency exchange vendors, I didn’t find anything that really seemed to work. Often for a look like this, I’d be using the Elegant Rimless Glasses, but something about them actually seemed to subtract from, rather than add to, the look. In the end, the simplicity of nothing seemed to work best with the look, and so I went with leaving that spot blank.

This is definitely one of those tank looks that has me considering excuses to tank again, and given that my S.O. and I usually duo on tank and Red Mage in Eureka, maybe I’ll ask her if we can swap roles for a bit so I can get some use out of my new glamour. Either way I’m anticipating that this glamour will be sticking around for quite awhile (unless maybe I can get my hands on the Skallic Jacket of Fending, which I’ve still never managed to acquire…)

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