Glamour Spotlight: Black Mage #3

At this point, it’s pretty safe to say that glamour potential alone is going to keep me interested in Eureka for some time to come, as I keep getting ideas for ways to use the dyeable Artifact Armor sets. While I had planned to finish off the Anemos Storyteller’s set for Bard, the realization that I probably wasn’t going to be playing Bard anytime soon made it very easy to start thinking in terms of glamour rather than progression. While there are still pieces I want to pick up for Bard to use for glamours, I’m pretty happy with my first stab at using the Anemos Storyteller’s Coat, and I didn’t want to dismantle that one to make use of the boots or gloves.

So, I spent the last week or so saving my crystals, as I wasn’t entirely sure what I wanted to use next. After trouncing enough Notorious Monsters to cap for the most recent lockout, I had enough to pick up three completed Anemos pieces, which gave me a options. After Bard, the first job’s Artifact Armor that came to mind was Black Mage’s. I’m a sucker for good thighboots, and the Seventh Hell ones are rather nice. It’s been rare that I’ve done Black Mage-specific glamours, since I haven’t been a fan of their previous Artifact sets (though I did get some mileage out of a few Goetia pieces), so this seemed like a good opportunity to work with a Black Mage set I actually do like.

Glamour Components (Required Level: BLM 70)
Weapon: Sharpened Rod of the Black Khan (Replica) (Metallic Green)
Head: Elegant Rimless Glasses (Cactuar Green)
Body: Anemos Seventh Hell Coat (Pure White)
Hands: Marid Leather Gloves of Casting (Wine Red)
Legs: Light Steel Subligar (Jet Black)
Feet: Anemos Seventh Hell Thighboots (Jet Black)
Earrings: Platinum Earrings of Healing

At this point, I think I’ve at least half-committed myself to making some sort of Pure White glamour for as many jobs as I can manage (though I still have several to finish getting to 70, I guess!), so I naturally dyed the Coat Pure White as the first point of order. It dyes very nicely, with plenty of accent colors that can be used to guide choices for other pieces. The bits of green really stood out to me, in part because of how I used the green on the Anemos Pacifist’s Vest to work out my current Monk glamour. That was the driving force behind using the Platinum Earrings and Elegant Rimless Glasses again.

The rest came together pretty easily. Obviously, I was going to be using the Thighboots, and while the Coat doesn’t feature a lot of black, there is enough there that going with Jet Black for the boots seemed to be the best course of action. Of course, I nearly always use the Light Steel Subligar for robe and thighboots glamours, so that was an easy choice, too (though, obviously, any number of choices would have filled a similar function in this case).

For awhile, I figured the gloves were going to be really tricky, since the Coat covers even longer ones, and I always find it difficult to find gloves that work well with body pieces that have wider cuffs on the sleeves. Quite by accident, though, I noticed that the Marid Leather Gloves (which I had on from my last caster glamour) actually matched the belt on the Coat when dyed Wine Red. I couldn’t find a pair that had any black and green to work alongside the Thighboots, so I stuck with them as a way to bring in one of the Coat’s other accent colors instead.

With this one out of the way, I think a Samurai Artifact glamour is probably next on my list. I’ve also given some thought to picking up some of the Summoner pieces soon to see if I can’t work something out with their new set (though from what I can tell, it doesn’t work quite as well in Pure White, so that might be a problem). After those two, I do have potential options for a Pure White Dark Knight glamour, since their set actually dyes rather well in white for heavy armor. Both it and the Paladin set have some annoying tail clipping issues, though, so I’m not sure I’ll be able to make anything for them. After those, I really need to get back to leveling, as I’m going to run out of stuff to spend crystals on soon!

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