Glamour Spotlight: Samurai #1

I’ve been saying I’m going to do something with the Anemos Myochin Haori for ages now and getting distracted by other glamour ideas for just as long. Full-body robes like the Haori are always less fun to glamour with, since they obscure so many of the other choices you can make for other slots, which meant that it hasn’t taken much for some other idea or new piece of gear to take priority over the Haori. But, I did make a point to pick it up when I got the pieces for my most recent Black Mage glamour, and with it officially in my inventory, I figured it was definitely time to use it!

I went into this one with no initial ideas outside of using the Haori itself, since it can be so hard to predict how things are going to come together with pieces like these. The Haori does have a lot of interesting bits and colors to play with, though, so I was sure I’d be able to figure something out. I actually ended up enjoying working on this one a lot more than I normally do for robe glamours, as I was able to find some stuff that fit in fairly well (and it also gave me some ideas for a possible Monk glamour, which could show up sometime soon).

Glamour Components (Required Level: SAM 70)
Weapon: Ala Mhigan Katana (Pure White)
Head: Scintillant Circlet of Striking (Grape Dye)
Body: Anemos Myochin Haori (Pure White)
Hands: Ala Mhigan Fingerless Gloves of Striking
Legs: Ryumyaku Ttsutsu-Hakama of Striking
Feet: Ala Mhigan Calligae of Striking (Kobold Brown)

Since I imagined finding something for the Feet slot was going to give me the most trouble, I started out with looking for a pair of good fingerless gloves instead. The Myochin Tekko didn’t really mesh with the Haori in Pure White, so I pulled a ton of things off of my retainer, looking for that perfect fit, from the Nameless Tekko to the Skallic Gloves of Striking. Somewhat unexpectedly, the Ala Mhigan Fingerless Gloves were a great match, as the bronze/gold on them matches the same on the Haori.

Thankfully, finding the Ala Mhigan Gloves so early actually helped with the Feet, too. I knew I wanted something vaguely in the area of sandals, but I really didn’t like the Myochin Geta, which seemed far too exposed for Alahra’s tastes. Since I was already using the Ala Mhigan Gloves, I went ahead and checked the Calligae from the set as well. They weren’t an absolutely perfect match, but they fit a lot better than most other things I tried, and when dyed a dark brown, they work pretty well alongside the Haori.

For the headpiece, my first thought was to use the Scion Rogue Bandana, since I thought it might work well alongside the scarf on the Haori, but as it turns out, the scarf isn’t actually black (it’s more of a very deep blue), so the two clashed in a really noticeable way. I didn’t care much for going plain on this one, though, so I brought back the Scintillant Circlet, dyed purple to match the cord in the waist area of the Haori. If I could have managed it somehow, I’d have actually liked to get more purple somewhere else in the glamour, but the only workable slot was the katana, and it just seemed like too much.

Since whatever I chose for the Legs slot wasn’t going to be visible most of the time, I stuck with the Mendacity piece I already had. They’re plain enough that they don’t stand out in a bad way while moving around, which is really all that’s necessary for a robe glamour like this one. I did try a few other pieces just to be thorough, but the Ryumyaku ones blended in the best.

Now that I’ve finally put the Haori to use, I’m not entirely sure where I’m going next for glamours. I’d like to play around with the Nezha Lady’s Togi some more, and I decided today that I should probably figure out something new for Ninja, since my last glamour doesn’t really seem to fit in well with everything else I’ve put together lately. Even if I consider Monk my main for now, it’s still pretty important to me that I’m happy with my Ninja glamour, so that’s probably going to be a high priority target!

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