Glamour Spotlight: Scouting DPS #27

Starting with Sasuke’s Blades Zeta back in A Realm Reborn, I’ve often made a point of tailoring my Ninja glamours around my current-stage relic weapon, and I tried to make a tradition of the practice throughout Heavensward with its Anima weapons.  The tradition never really stuck, though, as I hit a huge snag when it came to the Hyperconductive Kannagi, which had a really unique (but hard to work with) glow that blended purple and gold in a hard to replicate way as far as dyes were concerned. Since then, I’ve largely (and quite repetitively) continued to use Sasuke’s Blades, the Sharpened Spurs of the Thorn Prince, and the Yoshimitsu Nexus as my weapon glamours of choice for Ninja, even if all of them are incredibly outdated by now.

The Kannagi are rarely on my mind, since I wrote them off as far as glamours go a long time ago, so it actually came as a pretty big surprise that they worked really well with my latest attempt at a new Ninja glamour. I mentioned last time that I something seemed off about the most recent one, and so when it came time to glamour again, I got to work, assuming I’d use the Iga Ningi, since overall I can’t say I’m a big fan of the Kage-Kakushi Chainmail for Alahra, even if I like the piece in a vacuum just fine. As you can no doubt tell from the header, that’s not the direction I went in the end, though, and the new direction I took ended up working perfectly for the Hyperconductive Kannagi in a strange twist of fate.

Glamour Components (Required Level: MNK/NIN/SAM 50)
Weapon: Hyperconductive Kannagi (Replicas)
Head: Elegant Rimless Glasses (Ul Brown)
Body: Nezha Lady’s Togi (Pure White)
Hands: Replica Allagan Gauntlets of Striking (Pure White)
Legs: Nezha Lady’s Slops (Pure White)
Feet: Replica Allagan Sollerets of Striking (Ul Brown)

As usual with the Iga Ningi, I struggled to find boots and gloves that worked well alongside it in Pure White, and since I wanted to stick with white for now, I decided to play around with the Nezha Lady’s Togi some more instead. That actually felt like a dead end at first, too (for the same reasons as the Iga Ningi), and I actually moved to making a new Monk glamour with it instead. While trying out various gloves for Monk, I remembered that the Allagan Gauntlets actually worked for Ninja, tool When dyed white, the Gauntlets match up fairly well with the Togi, with those bits of gold, so I thought they would be worth building around.

Of course, the Gauntlets do keep some rather prominent black even when dyed, so I knew I was going to have to work that into whatever I used for boots. I knew I needed something tall, since there was no way the tights on the Nezha Lady’s Slops were going to look right with the heavy Allagan Gauntlets. After I dismissed using the Saurian Boots of Striking and the Gyuki Leather Highboots of Scouting, both of which had no black when dyed white, and far too much of it when dyed Jet Black, I moved to the Allagan Sollerets, which I’ve used only sparingly in the past. They’re fairly bulky, which is something I try to avoid with Ninja glamours, but they are, of course, a pretty natural choice alongside the Gauntlets.

I couldn’t dye them Pure White, though. They’ve got a lot more metal than the Gauntlets do, which means a ton of “metallic” White, which very rarely looks good in large amounts. Using my recent Nezha tank glamour as a guide, I figured that going for some shade of gold would work best, even if the Gauntlets didn’t have a lot of it to work with. Settling on a shade proved to be the real trouble, though. Trying to match the buckles on the Slops resulted in the Sollerets being way too bright, and I couldn’t find a match for the gold on the Gauntlets that looked right either. The Ul Brown that I ended up using doesn’t fit in perfectly, but much like I found with the Doman Iron pieces in the tank glamour I mentioned before, that actually isn’t a huge deal (and in most lighting it’s kind of hard to see the difference in shades anyway).

After I had mostly settled on everything, I started thinking about a weapon to use, since the glows of my staples certainly weren’t going to work with this one. It’s generally pretty important that my weapon for Ninja glows, of course, and on a whim I decided to try out the Hyperconductive Kannagi, just to see if they blended in well enough. While the purple of the glow shows up most prominently in screenshots, the gold tends to be more of what I notice in the game itself, and I’m actually rather happy that I’ve finally figured out a way to use this Anima stage in a good way after so very long.

I am, of course, still pondering how I might best use one of the various Ninja Artifact Armor body pieces, since so many of my jobs are featuring job-specific gear at this point, but for the time being, I’m honestly still in love with how Alahra looks in the Nezha Lady’s Togi. It will take something absolutely perfect to tear me away from it, I think, and with all the time I’ve put into making the various Ninja AF sets work, I feel relatively certain I’m not going to find that perfect thing until sometime after we get some new options to work with.

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