Mog Station Review: Demonic Attire

’tis the season for Mog Station additions, from the looks of it. It was only a couple of weeks ago that we got the Nezha Lady’s Attire, and now we have two more sets: Angelic and Demonic Attire. As has often been the case with these sets brought over from other versions of the game, these two have been hiding in the game’s data for some time now, so it was only a matter of time before we got them. I’ll be reviewing both sets, beginning with the Demonic Attire today and the Angelic Attire at the end of the week. So, here it is, the Fashion Ninjutsu review of the new Demonic Attire:

The Demonic Attire is available for purchase only as a set (which is unfortunately fairly standard by now), for $18 USD. The item set includes 5 items: Demonic Horns, Wings, Gloves, Slops, and Thighboots. Each of the items is dyeable, and when worn together, they provide various attribute bonuses and an Experience Point bonus (for wearing the entire set) to characters under level 30. Unsurprisingly, the low Defense and Magic Defense values on these will make them less useful for leveling a tank class (which is really something I think they should do something about, as an aside).

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The set has no significant clipping issues, thanks to its close fit around the collar and waist, though as you can see from some of the pictures, there is minor tail clipping on the Demonic Wings with the waist straps. All in all, though, the set is rather well modeled, and I have to give it a nod for being fairly well framed on female miqo’te as well. Often, robes end up very wide for them, and the Demonic Wings are fairly slim for this sort of thing. It still hangs somewhat wide, but not in a way that seems strange, which is always a plus in my book.

In terms of utility, the set offers quite a bit. Over-the-elbow gloves are often hard to find for some classes, and the Demonic Gloves offer one of the only pairs of them that can be equipped by everything. They’re also, thanks to their simple color scheme, more than capable of working with a wide range of other items. The Demonic Thighboots have similar applications, providing another pair of tall boots that join the ranks of the Expeditioner’s Thighboots and Scion Healer’s Highboots that all classes can use. The Demonic Horns provide a pair of glamour horns that are much easier to acquire than Heavensward‘s Ultima Horns or the non-dyeable Succubus Horns, too. Even the Demonic Slops are somewhat notable, since basic slacks and the like are rather rare in FFXIV. The only piece that doesn’t have much potential for general use is the body piece, since there’s no way to toggle off the wings (which is quite a shame, really, as the robe is honestly quite lovely!).

Thankfully, all of the pieces are dyeable as well, and they dye more or less perfectly on top of that! I’ve collected shots of every piece in Pure White and Dalamud Red below, to provide an idea of how they work out in general.

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Beyond the fact that they all dye very well, there isn’t a great deal to say about each piece in that regard. The color channels are all very well chosen, and you don’t get any instances of washed out colors that we’ve sometimes seen on other Mog Station sets (such as the Far Eastern Noble’s Attire). As far as I can tell, most of the pieces only have a single dyeable channel, which means you always get the color you want for them. The lovely silver trim sticks around, and you always get to keep the imposing black wings (there is a world in which they would take on secondary colors, which would be plain awful in most colors, I think). I wish more sets had single channels like the Demonic Attire, and that makes for a major point in the set’s favor in my eyes.

Given my well-documented love for thighboots and elbow gloves, it’s probably no surprise that I expect to get my money’s worth out of the Demonic Attire, even if I’m not likely to use the Wings outside of the occasional glamour for All Saints’ Wake. Even if you don’t want the demonic flavor of the Horns and Wings, the Gloves, Slops, and Thighboots offer three solid general-use glamour pieces, all of which dye very well, which makes the Demonic Attire one of the higher value item sets we’ve seen on the Mog Station in my view. My only real gripe is that you can’t purchase the items individually (which is a long-standing issue with all but some of the earliest Mog Station items, so that isn’t really a problem with the set itself).

I’ll be back on Friday with the companion review of the Angelic Attire!

I purchased the Demonic Attire for purposes of this review, thanks in part to the support of Fashion Ninjutsu’s Patrons. Your support on Patreon can, among other things (like getting rid of advertisements), help me purchase items from the cash shop for further reviews.

2 thoughts on “Mog Station Review: Demonic Attire

  1. So you can’t dye the actual wings? That’s a bit frustrating since I prefer the demonic set but wanted the wings to be white not black.


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