Glamour Spotlight: Tanks #30

When I got this month’s other Patron Request, for a tank glamour with “minimal metal,” with studded leather in games like Dungeons & Dragons being given as an example, I thought I’d have an easy time of it. Though I’ve never really used them much for glamour, there are a handful of leather jackets among the various pre-50 leveling gear for Disciples of War, and all of them more or less fit the description of studded leather armor. It seemed a given that one of them (probably the Goatskin Jacket) would serve as the centerpiece for the resulting glamour, and so I actually started my search for solid choices elsewhere, looking for other items to fill in the missing pieces.

It was only after I had most everything else settled on that I learned that each of the aforementioned jackets all dye terribly! Most of them have a lot of really prominent brown elements that don’t go away, with only the Goatskin Jacket having some semblance of usability. But the leather on it dyes in a way that makes it really shiny, which is incredibly difficult to work with when trying to create a cohesive look. That sent me back to the drawing board pretty quickly. I knew I wanted to keep the other pieces I’d picked out, so the challenge proved to be finding a body piece that tanks could wear that fit all of those while not being overloaded with metal pauldrons and the like.

Glamour Components (Required Level: DRK/PLD/WAR 68)
Weapon: Weathered Arondight
Head: Skull Eyepatch
Body: Archaeoskin Jackcoat of Crafting (Jet Black)
Hands: Gazelleskin Bracers of Fending (Jet Black)
Legs: Dhamelskin Breeches of Fending (Jet Black)
Feet: Expeditioner’s Thighboots (Jet Black)

I knew almost from the get-go that I was going to be using the Gazelleskin Bracers, which are undoubtedly one of my favorite pairs of leather gloves in the game at the moment. Most gloves of their length tend to be really bulky or dye poorly, which makes them pretty difficult to use for glamour purposes, problems that the Gazelleskin Bracers don’t have at all. They were more or less an obvious choice for a glamour like this, and outside of briefly considering the Goatskin Armguards (to go with the Jacket, before I chucked it in the bin), their inclusion here was never in any doubt. From there, I settled on using the Dhalmelskin Breeches and Sky Pirate’s Boots combo that has served me well in the past, which left me with only the body piece to really settle on.

But as I mentioned, the Goatskin Jacket wasn’t going to make the cut. None of its blacks matched any of the black on the pieces I’d already chosen, which left the whole look seemingly patched together—not, I suppose, an out of the ordinary thing for a D&D-esque adventurer, but also not something very fitting for Alahra. I really liked the combination of all of the other pieces, though, so I resolved to stick with them and try to find something else that would work.

As it turns out, there was really only one good choice: the Archaeoskin Jackcoat. While it’s not so much leather armor, it fits in well with the other pieces and has at least some studded elements. I’ve come close to using it a number of times for tank glamours in the past, but I’ve never actually gone all the way with it. I’ve never really tried to go all in on the leather armor vibe before now, though, and as it turns out, that proves to be the key to making it work for a tank look. Once I settled on the Jackcoat, I made the executive decision to use the Expeditioner’s boots instead, since the orange on them matches the orange of the Jackcoat’s scarf, and that left finding some sort eyewear or something, since a helmet obviously wasn’t going to work. The Skull Eyepatch fit the theme pretty well (and I also think it looks much nicer than a lot of the other eyepatch options).

The final result honestly fits Lynahra much better than it does Alahra, but Alahra’s younger sister is only level 63 on her Warrior, so she doesn’t have access to the Gazelleskin Bracers just yet. When she does get there, I’m heavily considering something like this for her, perhaps with a change of boots since she generally looks better with heavier ones. I’m not sure just how long it will take to get Lynahra there, of course, since progress on her is often rather sporadic, but this look is definitely something I’m going to be keeping in mind!

This post comes by request of one of Fashion Ninjutsu’s patrons on Patreon, David Haig, who asked for a tank glamour featuring minimal metal. If you’d like to make requests yourself, either by voting for the monthly Patron-Only Glamour Spotlight or for the site in general, you can contribute to Fashion Ninjutsu’s Patreon.

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