Glamour Spotlight: Machinist #5

I’ve now acquired most of the items from Eureka that I wanted for my level 70 jobs, which means my thoughts are now turning toward what jobs to level next, so that my crystals don’t go to waste. The three main contenders at the moment are Astrologian, Machinist, and White Mage, with the last two (Dragoon and Warrior) not really having my interest just yet. Realistically, Astrologian is probably going to make it there first, since it’s already 67. But I needed a DPS job last week at some point to help out with a L50/60 Roulette, and I settled on taking Machinist, since I still need to get a feel for all the Stormblood changes for it.

Of course, my Machinist’s glamour was pretty old at the time, having last been updated at the end of February. Since then, I’ve gotten on a Pure White kick again, as well as an Artifact Armor kit, so after the run, I decided I should see what I could do with the Heavensward Artifact set for Machinist. That idea fell flat pretty quickly, since the Machinist’s Shirt dyes rather poorly in Pure White, and I started looking at other options, with my next plan being to work out something with the Leonhart Jacket and the Spring Bottoms. I couldn’t find a solid pair of gloves or boots to work with them, though, and I ultimately ended up using nothing from my original plans (and purchasing some new items to boot!).

Glamour Components (Required Level: MCH 60)
Weapon: Revolver of the Wanderer (Pure White)
Head: Elegant Rimless Glasses (Ul Brown)
Body: Nezha Lady’s Togi (Pure White)
Hands: Replica Allagan Gauntlets of Aiming (Pure White)
Legs: Augmented Torrent Tights of Aiming (Pure White)
Feet: Machinist’s Boots (Pure White)

While searching for boots to use alongside the Spring Bottoms, I noticed that the Artifact boots actually looked rather nice in Pure White, which is a pretty rare thing for FFXIV‘s thighboots, and after I moved away from using the Leonheart Jacket, I decided to use them as a starting point for my next attempt. Of course, they’re kind of heavy, so I was going to need something a little bulky for gloves as well, which naturally lead me to my staple Allagan Gauntlets, which among all the long options for Machinist, tend to work best in Pure White.

But, even though I’d decided on boots and gloves, I actually had no clue what I was going to use for the main pieces. With my heart having been set on the Leonheart Jacket previously, I turned instead to the Gaganaskin Jacket of Aiming, which dyes at least fairly well in Pure White (it has lots of grey, but that works okay alongside the Allagan Gauntlets). From there, I needed a pair of trousers or tights that worked well with the Machinist’s Boots, and after deciding the Ramie Trousers didn’t fit in, I had to go digging. I vaguely remembered liking the way the Torrent Tights dyed, and thankfully I’ve had a ton of Poetics sitting around doing nothing for months, so I was able to pick them up to try without worry.

Once I had them, I thought I was more or less done, as the resulting look seemed to work just fine…but once I got into my portrait studio, something just wasn’t right. My one problem with the Gaganaskin Jacket is how busy it is, with a lot of extra stuff around and hanging off of the waist, which really got in the way of how sleek the rest of the pieces looked in Pure White. For kicks, I swapped in the Nezha Lady’s Togi, and that’s when everything clicked. As they often do, the Elegant Rimless Glasses provided the final little touch, and I had a Machinist glamour that I then took screenshots of for about two hours!

I’m not sure just how soon I’ll be getting around to leveling Machinist just yet, but I’m pretty happy with the look I’ve got for it now, which may well get me working on it sooner rather than later. I should probably also go back and give Dragoon the Pure White treatment, too, just to be thorough, but it’s 4.3 time, so who knows how long it’ll take me to get to that!

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