Glamour Spotlight: Warrior #3

Because the various Artifact Armor sets from Heavensward were originally locked behind Tomestones of Esoterics, I never got around to collecting a large number of them. For the first raid tier, they were limited by the weekly lockout; once the lockout was removed, my Esoterics were going almost exclusively toward the Anima questline; and once they had moved over to Centurio Seals, those were better spent on various upgrade items for more current Tomestone gear. Naturally, with the items being a bit of a pain to get, I only went out of my way for them when I really wanted something for glamour, and most of the ones I did pick up for that have showed up here on Fashion Ninjutsu in some form or another.

And so there have been a handful of the sets that I never really touched—namely, Dark Knight, Dragoon, Summoner, and Warrior. Since the launch of Stormblood, though, the Antiquated versions of the Artifact sets have been added as rewards to the level 60 job quests, allowing Lynahra to pick up the Antiquated Ravager’s set once she (finally) hit level 60. I did make use of the boots for her inaugural level 60 glamour, but after site patron @curious_usagi requested a Heavensward-themed Warrior glamour, I thought I should take some time to revisit the entire set. It wasn’t a very popular set even back in Heavensward, so I didn’t have much experience with it in combination with other things. As it turns out, though, it actually works fairly well for Lynahra.


Glamour Components (Required Level: WAR 60)
Weapon: Ghost Barque Battleaxe
Head: (none)
Body: Ravager’s Cuirass (Jet Black)
Hands: Ravager’s Chains (Jet Black)
Legs: Noct Breeches (Jet Black)
Feet: Titanium Sollerets of Fending (Jet Black)

Thematically, the Ravager’s Cuirass reminds me a bit of the Woad Skyraider’s Fur—it works quite well for a sort of tribal barbarian look, though the Cuirass specifically seems to denote something of a chieftain or other leader to me. Of course, that’s not a great fit for Lynahra in the in-character sense (she’s young and brash), but I could definitely see her wearing something along these lines in a sort of alternate world where she never left her tribal upbringing. The Ravager’s Chains proved to be the only thing in the Hands slot that I could make work, which is a bit unfortunate, since they’re a tad bulky for my taste. But they do compliment the Cuirass rather well, so that’s not terrible or anything.

The trickiest part of this one proved to be the boots. Naturally, I didn’t want to use the Ravager’s Warboots, since I’d used them for Lynahra previously and didn’t want to use too many pieces from the same set in the first place. I normally try to pair up the Hands and Feet slots as best I can, but as much as the Ravager’s Chains match the Ravager’s Cuirass, they don’t really go with anything else. At first I was working with the Replica Heavy Allagan Flanchard, since some of the bronze on those matches the chains on the armguards fairly well, but they really didn’t mesh with the tribal style of the Cuirass. I moved on to the High Mythrite Sabatons next, as they also paired well with the Chains in terms of colors, but like the Flanchard, they weren’t really the right style.

Eventually, I settled on the Titanium Sabatons. In terms of color, they don’t exactly match the Chains (or the studs on the Cuirass), but they’re pretty close. What really sold me on them was just the bit of fur-lining, which works well with the bits of fur on the Cuirass, and further makes them a much better match for a tribal sort of glamour than either of the two things I thought to use first. With those settled, all I really had to do was pick something for the Legs slot. I could have used any number of things, but I settled on the Noct Breeches to give the look just a touch of the “lightly-armored,” since that’s what Lynahra prefers.

I had enough fun working with this one that I’m half-tempted to get Lynahra’s Dragoon to 60 at some point or another just to pick up that Artifact set, too. That’s quite a ways off for her, of course, and with my FFXIV playtime currently scaled back, I can’t see it happening anytime soon. But it’d probably ultimately be more fun to do than mindlessly farming Centurio Seals to pick up the pieces for Alahra instead!

The glamour in this post comes by request of one of Fashion Ninjutsu’s patrons on Patreon, Curious Usagi, who asked for a Warrior-specific, Heavensward-themed glamour. If you’d like to make requests yourself, either by voting for the monthly Patron-Only Glamour Spotlight or for the site in general, you can contribute to Fashion Ninjutsu’s Patreon.

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