Mog Station Review: Faerie Tale Princess’s Attire

It’s that time again! This week brought two new sets to the FFXIV Mog Station, one each for male and female characters: Faerie Tale Attire sets for Princes and Princess’s. The sets could have come right out of a Cinderella styled Disney animated feature even if they feel a bit out of place in FFXIV‘s more cosmopolitan fantasy. As usual, this review will cover the female set, the Faerie Tale Princess’s Attire, which will run you $18 USD on the Mog Station to have the set sent to a single character.

In terms of pieces for dollar value, the Faerie Tale Princess’s set is on the high end, including a full set of left-side visible gear for five items: a Tiara, Dress, Gloves, Long Skirt, and Heels. Each of the pieces is gender-locked to be worn only by female characters, and all of them are dyeable, as is common for Mog Station sets of this sort. Like many sets before it, these level one pieces carry set bonuses that culminate in a 30% experience point boost for characters under level 30 (and, as usual, that bonus won’t be as useful for tanks due to the low defense values on the sets).

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While individual pieces of the set are quite lovely in various ways, the Dress, which forms its centerpiece, is rather poorly modeled, and has some of the worst clipping issues I’ve seen for a Mog Station set in FFXIV. Even in my miqo’te character’s neutral stance, her arms clip through the gown almost up to the elbow. While the Blackbossom Attire‘s dress did have some clipping potential in a similar fashion, it only went as far as the wrist, and was thus much less noticeable. To add insult to injury, the set also has tail clipping issues for tailed characters (which may depend on tail length). The arm clipping issues are likely to be a problem for every female character, excepting perhaps Lalafells. Other pieces don’t have noticeable clipping issues (though the Tiara may not play well with some hairstyles).

When it comes to the other pieces, we’re largely getting variations on themes we’ve seen in other Mog Station sets. The over-the-elbow Gloves are similar in style to the ones from the recent Demonic Attire sets, but it’s worth noting that their gold embroidery will allow them to work with the Angelic Attire set, which did not have matching gloves of its own. The Gloves are also somewhat unique in that they display both Wrist and Ring choices over the gloves, which does give them some unique utility for glamour. The Long Skirt is similar to a wide variety of similar skirts available both in the game and on the Mog Station, too. The two most unique pieces are probably the Tiara (which is something new despite the wide range of circlets we have) and the Heels (which are similar to shoes from other sets, but unique in the fact that they have heels, which are rare in FFXIV), but neither are likely worth $18 on their own.

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On the whole, the set dyes fairly well—you can see examples of each piece in Dalamud Red and Pure White above. Most of the pieces dye in a single channel, taking on the chosen color and keeping gold trim. The dress has a rather large secondary channel that can make some colors less attractive options, which—together with its clipping issues—make it rather disappointing. Of note is that the Long Skirt dyes in something of a fascinating manner. In its default scheme, it does not have golden trim as the other pieces do, with its sash and embroidery being colors unique to it in the set. It does however, make those unique elements gold when dyed, which is something I don’t think we’ve seen before.

So, with the Faerie Tale Princess’s Attire, you get something of a mixed bag. While the Dress has terrible clipping issues (and doesn’t dye well either), all of the secondary pieces are functional and dye very well, with no noticeable clipping issues of their own. However, because those secondary pieces can can be substituted for by things from other sets, both from the game itself or the Mog Station, I don’t feel as though I can really recommend this Mog Station set as a general purchase when the centerpiece has so many issues. Issues like these will continue to occur in the future, unless the development team decides to finally start tailoring each piece to every individual race (rather than only Roegadyn and Lallafel characters having unique tailored fits). At the least, I don’t think it’s unreasonable for cash shop items to be given that extra level of care!

I purchased the Faerie Tale Princess’s Attire for purposes of this review, thanks in part to the support of Fashion Ninjutsu’s Patrons. Your support on Patreon can, among other things (like keeping the site advertisement free), help me purchase items from the cash shop for further reviews.

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