Patrons Only Spotlight #13: Astrologian

I’ve been pretty focused on Astrologian glamours as of late, so it was a lovely coincidence that all of you voted to see a healer glamour for this month’s Patron Only Glamour Spotlight. Things started out with one of last month’s requests, then moved on to something I put together so I didn’t look ridiculous for my final story quest. But all through putting those together, I’ve had the Constellation Top from the Stormblood Artifact Armor for Astrologian, so I knew I had at least one more Astrologian glamour in me for the time being.

Of course, I’ve been looking forward to the Constellation Top for some time now, and that means I had already worked out a lot about what I thought the glamour would be by the time I hit level 70 on Astrologian. From the start I imagined I’d be using the Star Velvet Long Gloves of Healing, since they have similar patterns of gold, and I imagined I’d probably end up using the Star Velvet Hood, too, or perhaps the Constellation Turban or Ghost Barque Turban, depending on which of those looked better with Alahra’s hair. But as these things so often do, they went awry, and I ended up making different decisions entirely.


Glamour Components (Required Level: AST 70)
Weapon: Scintillant Planisphere
Head: Thavnairian Headdress (Pure White)
Body: Anemos Constellation Top (Pure White)
Hands: Replica High Allagan Gloves of Healing (Pure White)
Legs: Thavnairian Tights (Pure White)
Feet: Thavnairian Sandals (Pure White)

The Constellation Top is the sort of piece I only rarely glamour around, far outside of Alahra’s normal style. But because of how lovely it is in Pure White (like so many of the Stormblood Artifact sets), I had to work something out with it. It seemed like it would be easy, too, since it’s thematically similar to the Star Velvet set from Heavensward, but as I already mentioned, things didn’t go as I planned! I got out the Star Velvet Long Gloves immediately, only to find that they looked plain wrong! The fabrics were very different even if the colors were right. None of the other available long gloves looked right, either. It was going to take a pair of wrist gloves for this one, I decided, and the lightest pair I could think of that also had some gold were the ever faithful High Allagan Gloves.

Though I normally do the head piece last, since the Star Velvet Gloves didn’t work, I suspected I was going to have to figure something else out for the hood, as well, so I went there next. None of the fabrics on the ones I’d had in mind really lined up well with except for the Constellation Turban itself, but I didn’t care how that looked with Alahra’s hair. I definitely didn’t want to go with my normal glasses for this one, and after I decided against the Thavnairian Turban, I settled on the Headdress instead, which works well with Alahra’s hair and also has the chain circlet that fits in so well with the jewelry on the Constellation Top.

Once I had the main things sorted out, I was left with the awkward part of any long-bodied glamour: what on earth to do for the Legs and Feet slots. Often in these cases, I don’t put a lot of effort into the choice of bottoms, since they’re not normally all that visible. While I could have gone with any number of things that would have left Alahra bare-legged, I thought the Thavnairian Tights fit in well with the rest of what was going on, leaving some more gold visible around the ankles and when in motion. From there, the Thavnairian Sandals were the natural choice (though I did double check to make sure nothing else looked better!).

And the final product here is the sort of glamour that makes me wish I played Astrologian more! I’m not likely to do much with the class now that it’s 70 since I’m really rusty at healing and historically terrible at Astrologian in particular. But, finishing this one does mean I’ve finished all of the Eureka glamour ideas I had, which is pretty neat in and of itself. I do have some jobs to get to 70, still, and perhaps I’ll revisit the Anemos gear as I bring others to the level cap (in fact, it’s almost certain that I will, I have to be honest!).

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