Glamour Spotlight: Red Mage #7

On the whole, Stormblood has honestly presented me with a pretty huge glamour conundrum. We’re roughly two-thirds of the way through the expansion (or halfway, if the possibility of a 4.6/4.7 mentioned by Yoshida comes to fruition), and I’ve gotten almost no new glamour staples. With very few exceptions, I’ve disliked almost every new set that we’ve gotten so far, which has been hugely disappointing given how excited I was for an expansion in the Far East to shore up FFXIV‘s lack of Eastern gear compared to its predecessor. We’ve gotten some Eastern things, but most everything we’ve gotten (for every job, even) has focused on heavy armor (which is a little odd given that we were told leading up to Stormblood that the game would be focused on late-era Samurai, but that’s an aside). As we all know, Alahra looks terrible in armor most of the time, and that’s left her with very little Doman attire to work with!

To add on to this problem, there’s the Nezha Lady’s Attire, a set which has—in concert with the relative lack of new pieces that I like—greatly contributed to the much more relaxed pace with which I’ve been posting new glamours. Aside from minor tweaks to colors, both of my main jobs haven’t gotten new glamours in months because it’s been incredibly difficult to find gear that looks better on Alahra than the Nezha Lady’s Togi. It looks good enough on her that it’s slowly making the rounds through every one of my jobs, and I have to confess that I’ve used it again.

Glamour Components (Required Level: RDM 70)
Weapon: (Antiquated) Murgleis (Anemos)
Head: Anemos Duelist’s Chapeau (Jet Black)
Body: Nezha Lady’s Togi (Jet Black)
Hands: Republican Signifer’s Fingerless Gloves (Jet Black)
Legs: Astral Silk Bottoms of Casting (Jet Black)
Feet: Angelic Thighboots (Jet Black)

As we approached the launch of Eureka Pagos, I knew I was going to be spending a lot of time on Red Mage again, including for the content’s story cutscenes. Normally for any sort of story cutscene, I prefer to be on Ninja or Monk, given Alahra’s in-character canon, but Red Mage’s general utility was going to be too important to give up given that job-swapping isn’t at will in Eureka and having tools like a raise spell and bind are pretty important, too. But one benefit to the Nezha Lady’s Togi being so perfect for Alahra is that I can use it on any job I want to, and I decided to see if I could make it work for Red Mage, too.

Naturally, I started out working in Pure White. The Duelist’s Chapeau’s feather actually matches the fur on the Togi quite well, and I really liked how they looked in white together. But I quickly ran into one of the usual snags for casters: gloves. My one problem with the Togi is how bulky the sleeves are, and that means always using long gloves to hide them, but casters are sadly quite limited in good options for those. Most of the available options for casters have silver accents, which don’t work so well with the gold on the Togi, and the main option for gold, the Faerie Tale Princess’s Gloves didn’t look good with any of the available boots for casters, either.

Ultimately, I settled on using the Signifer’s Gloves, which don’t work well in white since only the tattoos dye. That led me to first going with an overall color scheme of red (using the Scion Healer’s Highboots, naturally, to pair something with the black on the Signifer’s Gloves), but in the end I didn’t care for how many colors were in the result (not to mention that the red tattoos seemed a little off to me). Once I went with black, that opened up using the Angelic Thighboots, which work quite well with the Togi (they really don’t work in Pure White, though!).

Since I’m not a big fan of how the Nezha Lady’s Slops dye in most colors (since the primary color ends up on the sides rather than the center), I went with the Astral Silk Bottoms instead, which let me match the main color of the Togi instead. They’ve got just enough grey on their own to match the secondary shade of the Togi’s Jet Black, and they also don’t have the tights from the Slops peaking out over the top of one side of the thighboots, either, which is a nice benefit of going with a different piece.

Though everything here comes together rather nicely, as always I’m reluctant to keep Alahra in Jet Black for too long. I’m still on the lookout for good options for the Hands and Feet slots that would work with the Togi in Pure White, but so far I’ve not had any luck. What I’m really after is something armored, like the Replica Allagan pieces I used for the Ninja glamour I linked up above, as dyeing those some shade of gold has worked really well for the Togi. The only pieces I can think of in that vein are the more recent Lost Allagan ones, but they’re more leather than they are armored, which doesn’t work quite as well in terms of matching the metal on the Nezha pieces. So for now, Alahra’s pretending to be edgy and running around in all black for a bit, but hopefully I can figure out a solution soon!

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