Patrons Only Spotlight #14: Maiming

With the poll for this month coming up a tie between casters or Dragoon, I made the executive decision to focus on Dragoon this time, since I’d recently put together a new caster glamour and my Dragoon was still glamoured for a roegadyn. I didn’t have any initial ideas, but sometimes that ends up being half the fun. Dragoon is, of course, the rarest job on the site, as I almost never play it except for the base leveling experience in each expansion, which means I’m still largely restricted to pre-Stormblood items when putting together new looks.

But that also means there’s still a lot from the past several years that I’ve not experimented much with! Most of my Dragoon glamours have been stuck in the A Realm Reborn era for a very long time (with only a few more recent pieces, like the Scion Healer’s Highboots, occasionally making appearances), but Dragoon did get some decent options from Heavensward that I never got around to exploring. One of the most important of those unexplored pieces to me has long been the Serpentskin Armguards, which are right up my alley: long, leather, and black.


Glamour Components (Required Level: DRG 60)
Weapon: High Steel Trident
Head: Star of the Nezha Lady (Metallic Gold)
Body: Replica High Allagan Cuirass of Maiming (Jet Black)
Hands: Serpentskin Armguards of Maiming
Legs: Lady’s Knickers (Black)
Feet: Adamantite Leg Guards of Maiming

Given all of those things, I’ve wanted to use the Armguards for a pretty long time, but they’ve almost always gotten overshadowed by the Replica Allagan Gauntlets, which tend to work much better for Alahra’s normal white-and-black color schemes. But this time I was determined to use them, and so I began my search for a body piece that they paired well with. It didn’t actually take long: I noticed pretty quickly that the old Allagan body piece had similar gold trim in addition to being leather, and the two pieces work incredibly well together. I had expected the body to be the toughest part for this one, so that actually made the overall process pretty easy!

As always, the next step was boots: another reason I’ve shied away from the Armguards has been that they don’t work very well with most of Alahra’s staples. The Expeditioner’s Thighboots don’t have any gold, and neither do the Scion Healer’s Highboots. And where I might have used the Replica Allagan Sollerets, the Maiming Variant don’t really dye in a way that plays well with the leather on the rest of the glamour. In the end, I decided to just go with the Adamantite Leg Guards from the full armor set, since they match the Serpentskin Armguards by design.

For the last two pieces, one—the Lady’s Knickers—ended up being an old staple that I’ve not had much reason to return to lately. But Dragoon lacks good options for basic shorts (much like Ninja, which I used to use the Knickers a lot for), and Alahra has to stick with her brand! The other option is new—while I’ve used the Nezha Togi and Slops extensively (almost exclusively, lately, even), I haven’t had any real reason to use the other pieces. Alahra’s normal glasses seemed really off with the High Allagan Cuirass, though, and I needed something gold for an accessory. The Nezha Star fit in with the Allagan look far better than I would have imagined, and I think that little piece along has solidified this as my Dragoon glamour for a long time to come!

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