Glamour Spotlight: Tanks #31

When it comes to glamours, Lynahra gives me a lot less freedom to explore, since she’s a much more narrowly defined character than her sister Alahra. Where Alahra’s FFXIV incarnation has become more cosmopolitan over time, in keeping with the game’s weird anachronistic range of fashion and aesthetics, Lynahra’s characterization has taken the opposite path in some ways. Her original World of Warcraft characterization was a jumble of thematic elements (much like Alahra is now): she was a Hunter turned Death Knight who was also, strangely, an Engineer (I wanted her to have a motorcycle!). In FFXIV, though, she’s far away from heavy armor and her original interest in the mechanical, having abandoned Dark Knight and resisted any of my attempts to make her work as a Machinist.

Instead, she’s become more feral over time, with Warrior still the best fit for her following her evolution and growth as a character. I’ve spent plenty of time resisting that, since I still don’t care for the way Warrior plays, but try as I might, nothing in the game at this point fits her nearly so well. As her character type has become more set in stone, so have her glamour options, with Sky Rat Harness serving as the centerpiece of most of them. Though I’ve played around with some other options, I always seem to come back to it, as it really seems to capture something quintessential to her character.

Glamour Components (Required Level: DRK/PLD/WAR 60)
Weapon: Bravura Atma
Head: Pagos Bandana
Body: Sky Rat Harness of Fending
Hands: Sky Rat Hook of Fending (Dalamud Red)
Legs: Guardian Corps Skirt
Feet: Scion Healer’s Highboots

A couple months ago now, I swapped Lynahra’s glamour back to the Sky Rat Harness without really settling down to figure out a proper new glamour for her, telling myself I’d work on finalizing things when I got back around to playing her again more regularly. I’d been meaning to use the Harness with the High Allagan Gauntlets of Fending for ages (because of the matching red between the top and the Gauntlets), so I threw those on along with the Replica Heavy Allagan Flanchard dyed some color that I can’t remember because the High Allagan Sabatons didn’t seem to fit Lynahra very well. For something different from the last time I used the Harness for her, I added in the Guardian Corps Skirt for a lighter look in keeping with her normal fare.

The look was meant more to be functional than anything else, so that, just in case my S.O. wanted to level her alt, I wouldn’t have to fuss about Lynahra’s glamour before we got started. After I sat on the look for so long, I got pretty attached to the general core of the Harness and Skirt, and I decided to finally settle things into a proper glamour, putting in the time to find a proper companion pair of boots or sabatons to go along with the High Allagan Gauntlets. I spent a few hours scouring the Market Board and Lynahra’s retainers for solid options, but in the end the only thing that seemed to truly work were the High Allagan Sabatons, since the Allagan Flanchard can’t be dyed to properly match the High Allagan Gauntlets.

But that just didn’t work for me. While I’ve long been a fan of the High Allagan tanking set, the Sabatons are easily the worst part, with the red fabric on the back being both too prominent and too bright in comparison to the rest of the set. They looked borderline ridiculous on Lynahra, and ultimately, I had to make the decision to yet again give up on the Gauntlets. I was really digging going back to red and black for Lynahra’s colors, though, since it would open up using the Bravura Atma again (which is still the best axe in the game!).

Red and black of course mean things were soon much more clear: the Sky Rat Hook of Fending and Y’shtola’s complement each other quite well while creating a solid leather look for Lynahra, which suits her much more accurately than heavy armor does. I didn’t feel like I was done, though. While Alahra’s long had a number of staple headgear options, I’ve struggled to find something that works for Lynahra, and I decided I should really do something about that this time.

Thankfully, Eureka Pagos gave us the Pagos Bandana, which turned out to be just perfect for Lynahra. While its rusty red color doesn’t really line up perfectly with the red on the other pieces of this glamour, it’s close enough (and complements the overall style) well enough that I stuck with the default colors rather than dye it Dalamud Red (which results in some very out of place pink) or Jet Black (which just seemed to clash with the otherwise heavy amount of red on the other pieces).

I like the Bandana enough for her that I imagine it’ll become a staple for Lynahra just like the Sky Rat Harness has. That does mean I probably won’t be changing her glamour much for the future, even if I do dive into playing her more actively sometime soon. I do, though, want to see if I can also make the Pagos Shirt work for a Warrior glamour, too, so perhaps I’ll surprise myself!

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